Tuyen Quang model promotes sale of Vietnamese goods

09:02 | 21/05/2018 Trade

(VEN) - The model of Vietnamese goods points of sales established in the northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang has proven efficient.

tuyen quang model promotes sale of vietnamese goods

Booming sales

In 2015, Tuyen Quang Province adopted a plan to establish a point of sales pilot model labeled “Proud of Vietnamese Goods”. The model has proven efficient in selected areas of the northeastern province where demand for Vietnamese goods is high, such as mountainous and remote areas.

Vietnamese goods point of sales in Na Hang District, for example, have resulted in great changes in trade in this area. The Vietnamese goods point of sales set up in 2016 have drawn local residents to Nguyen Huu Vinh’s store to buy essential consumer goods, such as milk, processed food (shrimp noodles, snacks, rice cake, cooking oil and spices), and cosmetics. Distributors have come to the store asking to display their Vietnamese products on the shelves provided as part of the program. The store has become one of the most successful points of sale in the province.

The Tuyen Quang Department of Industry and Trade set up two additional points of sales in 2017 in Phan Thiet Ward in the city and Tu Quan Commune in Yen Son District, raising the total number in the province to seven. The plan has contributed to enhancing purchasing power, stabilizing the market and improving local people’s lives.

The Dung Binh Grocery Store in Yen Son District’s Tu Quan Commune was selected to take part in developing points of sales in July 2017. In addition to support in terms of costs, the grocery store has been given guidance in how to display products in order to attract consumers.

A growing number of consumers seeking safe food has also been coming to a clean food store belonging to the Truong Chinh Kiet Co. Ltd., established in 2017 in Phan Thiet Ward in the city.


According to the Tuyen Quang Department of Industry and Trade, the launch of Vietnamese goods points of sales in the province has partially overcome distribution system limitations. The points of sales have helped increase the prestige of Vietnamese goods, create trust with consumers, and stimulate consumption. In addition, they have helped expand distribution channels and promote the program to bring Vietnamese goods to rural areas. Customers shopping points of sales are able to use domestically produced goods of reasonable quality and prices, contributing to forming habits of use and consumption of Vietnamese goods.

According to Prime Ministerial Decision 634/QD-TTg dated April 29, 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has focused on strengthening support to promote awareness of Vietnamese goods, developing a stable and sustainable distribution system for Vietnamese goods, and improving competitiveness of Vietnamese businesses and goods. These initiatives are aimed at increasing the market share of domestic products in Vietnam to 80 percent by 2020. Tuyen Quang Province, for its part, will continue to cooperate with other districts to develop Vietnamese goods points of sales in order to bring essential goods to consumers, and will make greater efforts to build at least one point of sales in each district.

Phuong Lan