Tuyen Quang improves investment environment

09:51 | 07/10/2016 Investment

(VEN) - The investment environment in Tuyen Quang has gradually improved, up to the 48th position among 63 localities nationwide in terms of provincial competitiveness index (CPI) from the bottom position in 2013. To achieve this result, the province has taken various measures to improve the local investment environment.

Tuyen Quang improves investment environment

Tuyen Quang Province People’s Council Chairman and Party Committee Secretary Chau Van Lam (standing) talks with businesses

At a recent ceremony held in Hanoi to announce CPI rankings of 2015, Tuyen Quang Province Investment Promotion Center Director Truong Xuan Quy told Vietnam Economic News’ reporters that more than 1,000 businesses are operating in the province, including domestic and foreign invested companies.

According to Nguyen Huu Thap, Vice President of the Tuyen Quang Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, in an effort to improve the local investment environment, the province has established a PCI steering committee headed by the vice chairman of the provincial people’s committee, with members including the leaders of all departments and sectors concerned. Through sociological surveys, the steering committee has rated all departments, pisions, and offices in the province. These rating results have inspired  local authorities’ efforts to accelerate administrative reforms to achieve business and people satisfaction.

Tuyen Quang has actively learned from the experiences of the leading localities nationwide in PCI such as Quang Ninh and Da Nang. Based on these experiences, the province has taken suitable measures to create favorable conditions for businesses in all work stages, from site clearance to supporting businesses in completing necessary investment procedures.

According to Truong Xuan Quy, with the aim to encourage businesses to speak out their aspirations as well as feelings about the provincial investment environment, in 2014 Tuyen Quang launched a program titled Business Cafe, attracting the participation of not only businesses but also local authorities and provincial leaders.

The Business Cafe program is organized on a quarterly basis. It is not a conference or a workshop but similar to a forum where local authorities can talk in an open atmosphere with the leaders of businesses investing in the province. Business leaders can speak out their feelings about the provincial investment environment and investment attraction policies, the performance of local authorities, as well as their desires and aspirations during the investment process. Local authorities will deal with all problems facing businesses.

Through this program, local authorities have recognized their shortcomings and made necessary improvements. This promises Tuyen Quang Province opportunities to move up in the PCI ranking list in the near future, Truong Xuan Quy said./.


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