Tuyen Quang facilitates rural industries

14:05 | 10/11/2015 Industry

(VEN) - In recent years, the Tuyen Quang Industry and Trade Promotion Center has worked with industrial facilities in the province, helping them overcome difficulties to promote production and business activities.

Tuyen Quang facilitates rural industries

Processing green tea for export at the Long Phu Tea Joint Stock Company

Many projects developed

The center has concentrated on developing major industry promotion programs and projects such as providing business start-up and management training for the owners of rural industrial facilities, assisting the development of cleaner production models, providing consultancy for rural industrial facilities to prepare business start-up and development investment projects and choose suitable technologies, and providing industrial development consultancy to help industrial facilities create new income sources and contribute more to the state budget.

This year, Tuyen Quang Province received VND1.3 billion from the national industry promotion budget to finance the development of technical demonstration models for non-baked brick production, and providing support for rural industrial facilities to participate in the 2015 Northeastern Region Industry and Trade Exhibition. The province has used more than VND170 million from the local industry promotion budget to help the Long Phu Tea Joint Stock Company purchase new equipment for producing black tea for export, and to finance a promotional project aimed at spreading information about industry and trade promotion, energy efficiency, and cleaner production in the province. The center has requested the provincial people’s committee to approve around VND500 million from the local industry promotion budget to support an additional four projects in 2015.

Last year, the center implemented 11 industry promotion projects with support from national and local industry promotion budgets totaling nearly VND1.30 billion. Specifically, with VND800 million from the national industry promotion budget, the center coordinated with the Industry Promotion and Consultancy Center 1 to organize two business start-up training courses for 200 owners of rural industrial facilities in the province, and financed two production modernization projects at the Song Lo Tea Joins Stock Company, and the Bao Phat Tea Company Limited. With nearly VND500 million from the local budget, the center carried out seven industry promotion projects, helping improve the production capabilities for local industrial facilities.

Notable results

The Long Phu Tea Joint Stock Company based in Hamlet 9, Doi Can Commune has been provided with VND100 million worth of financial support that helped it purchase equipment to produce green tea for export. Company director Do Van Nam said the firm exported most of its products, so it had to ensure product quality and meet importer requirements in terms of sales volume and delivery time. Thanks to financial support from the local industry promotion budget, the company has invested in modernizing production and successfully produced 500 tonnes of fresh green tea buds for export annually. In the first eight months of this year, the company sold 475 tonnes of tea, recording total revenue of VND17.3 billion, of which 273 tonnes were exported, bringing in revenue of VND11.8 billion, with the remainder sold on the domestic market. The company expects that in the time to come, exports will account for 90 percent of its total revenue.

The Vinh An Company Limited based in Chiem Hoa District’s Vinh Loc Town has been provided with VND350 million from the national industry promotion budget to build a technical demonstration model for non-baked brick production. The company has used this financial support and its own capital to invest in a 3.5 million non-baked bricks per year production line, a 25 tonne-per-hour stone grinding and sieving line, a 2.2cu.m bucket capacity wheel loader, and some other facilities.

This investment allows the company to produce 3.5 million non-baked bricks and 30,000cu.m of macadam annually, meeting the demand of residents in Chiem Hoa District and some neighboring communes in Ham Yen, Yen Son, and Na Hang districts. The production of non-baked two-hole cement bricks with the hydraulic press technology helps minimize environmental pollution and increase company revenue. The average income of 15 company workers is about VND6 million per person per month.

With the aim to improve the capabilities for industrial production businesses, the provincial industry and trade promotion center continues to take timely measures to help them overcome difficulties in production. At the same time, the center continues to provide industrial production facilities with consultancy in terms of technology, market development, and manufacturing equipment. The center also maintains coordination with authorities from Tuyen Quang City and districts to ensure the highest effectiveness of industry promotion activities.

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