TripHunter, the independent Vietnam traveler’s guide

10:26 | 25/11/2019 Companies

(VEN) - So, you are planning a visit to Vietnam. You don’t want organized group travel. You download Google Translate, Google Map, Grab, TripAdvisor and a few other apps to smooth your way in this strange and wonderful country. But what if you had one app that could do much of your planning for you?

triphunter the independent vietnam travelers guide

Founded in 2016 by Ho Anh Tuan, a technology expert with nearly 20 years of experience, TripHunter is an automatic trip planning platform for independent travelers to build personalized itineraries. Travelers need only to select their destinations, travel time, and interests, and will receive optimized and personalized trip plans, as well as recommendations for hotels, restaurants, sites, etc. The data are collected from many sources, especially the experiences of the TripHunter team, local residents and backpackers throughout Vietnam.

According to Ho Anh Tuan, on average, each tourist takes up to 30 hours to plan a trip, seeks advice and references from five to eight friends and searches about 22 websites for information. Tourists then have to order each service individually from different websites or applications.

TripHunter is a smart scheduling travel application, which can automatically calculate distance, time and costs to suggest optimal schedules. TripHunter helps guide the self-sufficient travel experience with an integrated, detailed map. It also allows users to compare and order all travel services at the best price.

It helps travelers compare room rates, find great deals, then book the best hotels, hostels, guest houses, homestays and campsites. The app also helps users find transport options (bus, train, flight, boat, motorbike, etc.) and instructs them on how to book.

Users can post reviews and refer to reviews from the other travelers.

The TripHunter travel app is free and easy to use. Available in both Vietnamese and English, TripHunter is geared to domestic and foreign tourists wishing to experience Vietnam in a smart, easy and economical way.

Although it got off to a rocky start, TripHunter has been well received by users, especially those who love technology and travel. The application has had 100,000 hits and more than 52,000 downloads.

TripHunter seeks to expand its market and will tap investment funds for capital. To meet the needs of self-sufficient foreign travel, TripHunter will soon deploy new and diversified service packages to provide users with well-planned trips, including attractions, eateries and entertainment spots, maps, distances and services abroad.

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