Tribeca Film Festival honours Vietnamese director

10:50 | 13/03/2015 Society

The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, featuring fresh international and American talent, has unveiled that Vietnamese-American director Viet Bao Nguyen has been chosen to be on its first half line-up.

Tribeca Film Festival honours Vietnamese director

 “What I love most about making documentary films is approaching a new subject and project with a sense of discovery”, Bao Nguyen shared.

“Tribeca has been incredibly supportive of my filmmaking career and even helped guide it before I decided to become a filmmaker.”

The line-up includes 51 directors of title films chosen from 6223 entries from 31 countries.

Thirty feature film directors of this year's line-up are women — the highest percentage in the fest's history

As previously announced, it will open with the Saturday Night Live documentary Live from New York!

Source VOV News