Trade fair sparks interest of Japanese consumers

11:32 | 06/09/2016 Trade

Vietnamese retail products sparked a lot of interest from Japanese consumers at a trade fair held September 2-4 at AEON LakeTown in Saitama Prefecture by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT).

Trade fair sparks interest of Japanese consumers

Vietnamese bananas were exhibited at the trade fair

More than 22 local businesses exhibited a perse variety of clothing, footwear, leather goods, fruit and vegetables, food items, furniture (both indoor and outdoor) along with household goods and handicrafts at the event.

The event, said the MOIT, provided local business leaders the opportunity to meet directly with Japanese consumers, retailers, wholesalers and other business professionals, providing them fresh insight into the markets.

The MOIT noted that September is one of the most important times of the year for the retail industry in Japan, as it is when retailers start placing their orders for the upcoming Christmas and year-end holiday season.

We’re hoping the interest generated translates into some large orders boosting local companies’ footprint in the Japanese market, noted the MOIT.

The fair, cosponsored by the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan and AEON Group, is part of a continuing series of promotional events being staged by the MOIT to elevate the image of Vietnamese made products in foreign markets./.


Source: VOV