Opportunity to increase seafood exports to RoK

14:40 | 17/02/2014 Trade

(VEN) - The Seoul Seafood Show 2014 is scheduled to take place at the COEX Exhibition Center in the Republic of Korea (RoK) from April 3-5, 2014.
Vietnam-India trade increases 5.14-fold from 2006-2013

10:35 | 17/02/2014 Trade

(VEN) - The Vietnamese Trade Office in India said that bilateral trade between Vietnam and India reached US$5.237 billion in 2013, a 32.8 percent increase on 2012, including US$2.354 billion worth of Vietnamese exports, a 32.08 percent increase, and US$2.883 billion worth of imports, a 33.4 percent increase. The two-way trade increased 5.14-fold from US$1.108 billion to US$5.237 billion from 2006-2013.
Vietnam-Ukraine trade increases by 28 percent

09:30 | 17/02/2014 Trade

Statistics from the General Department of Customs showed that trade between Vietnam and the Ukraine reached US$400 million, a 28 percent increase on 2012. Of this, Vietnamese exports amounted to US$254 million, a 15 percent increase, and import revenues US$146 million, a 58 percent increase.
An Giang’s January export surplus exceeds US$65 million

09:03 | 12/02/2014 Trade

(VEN) - The An Giang Province Department of Industry and Trade said that An Giang sold US$65.2 million worth of goods more than it imported in January 2014.
Dragon fruit export heads towards new market

10:35 | 10/02/2014 Trade

Domestic exporters are striving to diversify markets for their dragon fruit, with a view to reducing their dependence on traditional importers from China and the US.
Vietnamese goods secure firm foothold in China

08:30 | 06/02/2014 Trade

(VEN) - It is undeniable that until now, Vietnamese exports to China have become increasingly diverse in terms of commodity structure and earned more export revenues, gradually developing brand names and gaining the trust of Chinese consumers. Many high quality Vietnamese products can be found on the shelves of China’s supermarkets with increased revenues.
Leather and footwear sector maintains its firm position

08:30 | 05/02/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Pursuing a development strategy aimed at promoting both quantitative and qualitative growth, the Vietnamese leather and footwear sector continues to maintain Vietnam’s position as one of the top leather footwear exporters in the world. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and free trade agreements (FTAs) are expected to open bright prospects for the sector in the near future.
International integration creates a development engine

09:40 | 04/02/2014 Trade

(VEN) - International economic integration can be an engine to implement necessary reforms for Vietnam. The requirements in the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are suitable to restructure the economy and improve the efficiency and competitiveness. Senior economist Pham Chi Lan talked about Vietnam’s economy in an interview with Vietnam Economic News’ reporter Hung Cuong.
TPP bright prospects for textiles & garments

14:30 | 02/02/2014 Trade

(VEN) - The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is expected to bring major benefits to Vietnam's textile and garment industry. Businesses in the industry have spent billions of US dollars to satisfy soft requirements to get ready for taking opportunities to be brought in by the TPP as soon as the agreement is officially signed.
Vietnamese handicraft exports boosted

09:40 | 01/02/2014 Trade

(VEN) - Dexterous and creative artisans are able to make unique handicraft products from available materials such as grass, banana areca, corn stover, water hyacinth, and coconut fiber. These products have been exported to many countries, bringing back millions of US dollars each year and create stable jobs for many rural workers.
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