Mekong Delta exports 516,000 tonnes of rice in January

08:44 | 03/02/2015 Trade

The Mekong Delta provinces earned 229 million USD from export of 516,000 tonnes of rice in January, up 3.2 percent over the same period last year, according to the Steering Committee for the Southwestern Region.
Falling oil price and impacts on Vietnam’s economy

08:38 | 03/02/2015 Trade

The sharp decrease in world oil price over the past three months is expected to affect Vietnam’s oil export earnings as well as a wide range of socio-economic aspects.
Vietnam trade deficit swells in January

14:33 | 02/02/2015 Trade

Vietnam racked up a US$500 million trade deficit in January on the back of a 91% on-year surge in steel imports for the month.
Vietnam’s achievements highlighted at dialogue in France

09:09 | 02/02/2015 Trade

Vietnam has made remarkable achievements in its socio-economic development, elevating the country’s position in the international arena after 30 years of “Doi Moi” (Reform) buoyed by the Party’s judicious policies.
Coffee exports fall in January

08:42 | 02/02/2015 Trade

The country exported an estimated 100,000 tonnes of coffee in January, earning a turnover of more than 200 million USD, according to the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry.
Vietnam becomes China’s second largest ASEAN partner

08:40 | 02/02/2015 Trade

Vietnam has become China’s second largest ASEAN trade partner in 2014, only after Malaysia, the China-ASEAN Business Council (CABC)’s report revealed on January 30.
Wining domestic consumer trust

15:56 | 31/01/2015 Trade

(VEN) - In the current climate of global integration, consumers have more exposure to higher quality goods from abroad. Therefore, to compete with foreign goods, Vietnamese manufacturers must improve the quality and design of their products, offer reasonable prices, and make a greater effort to advertise their brands. This is exactly what the Dien Quang Lamp Joint Stock Company has done, and now this brand has become a favorite among Vietnamese consumers.
Auto imports slightly decrease

15:56 | 31/01/2015 Trade

(VEN) - According to the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (VAMA), in January 2015, Vietnam imported 6,492 fully assembled automobiles, a decrease of four percent compared with December 2014. Meanwhile, the auto sector sold 19,979 automobiles, down one percent compared with December 2014 but up 80 percent compared with January 2014.
Woodwork exports down in January

16:07 | 29/01/2015 Trade

Timber and woodwork export revenue this month decreased by 8.2 percent from January 2014 to only 494 million USD, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, and Rural Development.
Buy Vietnamese goods: Unanimity results in efficiency

15:00 | 29/01/2015 Trade

(VEN) - Five years after it was launched, the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign has mobilized the participation of the state, enterprises and consumers and gained the trust of 92 percent of consumers who are willing to buy and use Vietnamese goods, providing a good measurement of the consensus of all involved parties.
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