Toyota Vietnam with an impressive growth in the first half of 2015

11:23 | 19/07/2015 Companies

Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) on the 9th of July has officially announced its sales volume in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2015, as well as that in June.

Toyota Vietnam with an impressive growth in the first half of 2015

Camry 2015 has gathered the attention of customers despite being launched only 2 months ago

By the end of 2015′s 2nd quarter, sales volume of Toyota vehicles reached 23,031 units, increased 38% (excluded Lexus) compared to the same period last year, in which the passenger cars segment reached 12,414 units (increase 59%), the commercial vehicle segment reached 10,617 units (increase 20%).

Leading the position among the best seller cars is Vios All-new generation, launched in Mar 2014, with 6,233 sold units, double increase compare with same period last year. The following model is Corolla new generation which launched in September 2014 with 3,280 sold units, increase 58%. Innova and Fortuner sales volume reached 4,406 units and 4,629 units; respectively, in increasing 22% and 21% compared with the same period last year.

Besides, the new Camry 2015 – launched in Apr 21st – has received very kind responses from customer with new design base on Modern Elegant and advanced performance. After more than 2 months since its debut, there were more than 1,300 units of Camry 2015 delivered to customers. By end of Q2, with New Camry 2015, sales volume of this model reached 1,702 units.

For CBU models which distributed by TMV, in the first 6 month, total sales volume increase 72% compare with same period 2014 with 2,782 units. Hilux leads the first position in CBU models with 744 sold units.

Only in June 2015, total sales volume of Toyota reached 4,289 units, increase 25% compare with last month 2014. This is also the highest sales volume of TMV in 2015 so far.

In June 2015, sales volume of passenger cars segment reached 2,265 units, increase 26%. The all-new Vios continued take the leading position with 1,106 sold units, increased 42% compare with same period last year. Following are Camry with 478 units, Corolla with 444 units.

For commercial vehicles segment, in June 2015, the sales volume reached 2,024 units, increase 25% compare to the same month last year. Innova and Fortuner continue maintain the high sales volume with 842 units, increase 26% and 780 units, increase 20% compare with same month last year.

For CBU vehicles imported and distributed by TMV, the all-new Yaris 2014 continue leading position in this segment with sales volume in June reached 237 units. Besides, sale volumes of other CBU models are: Hilux 173 units, Hiace 40 units, Prado 65 units, Land Cruiser 46 units.

In Q1&2 2015, sales volume of Lexus reached 587 units, increase 434 units compare with same month last year. Contributed to this succeed is the continuously introducing new models of Lexus recently included GX460 and NX200t. Since Lexus Vietnam introduced in Dec 2013, up to now there were 7 Lexus models launched. Lexus Vietnam continue show the commitment of bringing more and more experiences to customers through its One-Stop Service and amazing products.

So far, Lexus Vietnam distribute 7 models including 3 sedans: ES350, GS350, LS460L and 4 SUV: RX350, LX570, GX460, NX200t.

In June 2015, there were 104 Lexus car delivered to customers through 2 official DLRs: Lexus Central Sai Gon and Lexus Thang Long./.

Source: Autonet