Top MoIT priority: Supporting business in applying technology

06:00 | 23/12/2021 Science - Technology

(VEN) - “The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) is actively coordinating with relevant units to complete a scheme on supporting enterprises that apply Industry 4.0 technology and implement digital transformation to develop smart production in the 2021–2030 period,” said Kieu Nguyen Viet Ha, Head of the Planning and General Affairs Division under the MoIT’s Science and Technology Department in an interview with the Industry and Trade Newspaper’s Quynh Nga.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) with breakthrough technologies is opening up great opportunities for enterprises to improve their competitiveness. What is your opinion on this issue?

Science and technology development and innovation are fundamental factors that determine the competitiveness and sustainable development of every country, industry, field and enterprise. This was reaffirmed by the 13th National Party Congress Resolution aimed at boosting the country’s development.

We are now in the Industry 4.0 era in which the focus, as was the case with previous revolutions, is breakthrough development in science and technology. This has helped create new production and supply capacities of the global production system. Therefore, enterprises need to quickly grasp development trends and at the same time accelerate the application of new technologies and implement digital transformation towards smart production. This is the way to sustainable development of enterprises, especially in the context of many uncertain factors.

Industry 4.0 will help enterprises reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and better meet customer needs. At the same time, it also helps them compete in new markets with new digital products and services based on the data of enterprises.

Could you talk about specific support activities that the MoIT adopted to help businesses innovate and take advantage of Industry 4.0 opportunities?

The MoIT issued its action plans in accordance with resolutions of the Politburo and the government, and also supported enterprises in applying new technologies. Accessing and grasping Industry 4.0 opportunities has been one of our top priorities.

In the first phase, the MoIT focused on providing enterprises with information; connecting domestic enterprises with leading foreign enterprises; developing a number of pilot models of smart production in industries and fields under the management of the MoIT for gradual deployment and expansion.

The MoIT has also cooperated with Siemens Corporation of Germany to assess the readiness for digital transformation in Vietnam’s digital enterprises, advising enterprises on building a roadmap to realize their plans. Currently, the MoIT is developing and submitting a scheme to the Prime Minister for approval to support enterprises in applying Industry 4.0 technology and implementing digital transformation to develop smart production in the 2021–2030 period. Opinions are being collected from ministries, sectors, enterprises and research organizations to finalize the scheme and submit it to the Prime Minister this year.

What are the key tasks on which the scheme will focus?

This project focuses on addressing fundamental challenges that enterprises face when applying new technologies, implementing digital transformation and smart production and management, training human resources and creating an ecosystem to serve the technological application era.

The project targets two groups of issues. The first is providing a favorable policy environment and mechanism for science-technology application and innovation by enterprises; adopting specific and breakthrough preferential policies to boost digital transformation; establishing digital technology alliances and technological platforms based on domestic digital products and enterprises.

The second focus is on increasing enterprises’ capacity for developing digital human resources; forming shared digital resources and infrastructure; investing in technology platforms, tools and solutions that allow businesses to personalize digital transformation solutions and perform model projects to lay foundation for a creative innovation culture and lead the digital transformation movement.

The MoIT expects that the implementation of its Industry 4.0 plans will create an important push to help

Vietnamese enterprises improve their competitiveness and flexibility in light of many changes and uncertain

factors, thereby maintaining sustainable development.