Tong Xa copper-bottoms its future

08:50 | 06/06/2016 Industry

(VEN) - Copper casting has strongly developed in Yen Xa Commune’s Tong Xa Village in Nam Dinh Province’s Y Yen District, attracting hundreds of households.

Tong Xa copper-bottoms its future

A copper-casting workshop in Tong Xa Village

According to the Y Yen District People’s Committee, copper casting which is one of the four best developed traditional crafts in the district has attracted 20 investors into the local industrial cluster with investment of over VND100 billion.

Copper casting died out in 1993. However, villagers later decided to restore the craft and adopted new casting techniques to produce better designed and quality products. It took the village more than two decades to develop, and now, Tong Xa has a hundred of copper-casting facilities employing nearly 2,000 regular workers, said local copper-casting artisan Vu Duy Thuan.

In addition to traditional products like incense burners and censers, Tong Xa copper-casting artisans have helped produce the Dien Bien Phu Victory Monument, a statue of King Ly Thai To, Tathagata Buddha and Buddhas representing the present past and future located in the Bai Dinh Pagoda.

Tong Xa specializes in casting statues and fine-art articles. There are three phases of casting a statue, including preparing the mold which is the most important of all, casting and perfecting the casted.

Tong Xa’s copper casts are distinctive from brass alternatives from other villages in Bac Ninh and Thua Thien Hue in terms of color and engravability, said Duong Van Tan, another copper-casting artisan at Tong Xa.

In addition to dexterity, copper-casting artisans must have a basic knowledge of chemistry and physics to be able to mix copper with several other metals in the preparation for casting materials.

Tong Xa’s genuine copper casts face fierce competition from counterfeits or low-quality alternatives as consumers find it almost impossible to tell one from the other while shopping. So it is necessary to raise awareness among traders to ensure they only sell genuine products and not counterfeits or low-quality alternatives.

Recognizing that, local casting facilities and businesses have jointly constructed a specific copper-casting and decorating database and put it online for reference, with a view of providing consumers with some help while buying copper casts.

However, the most important thing is that local producers should be fully aware of the protection and development of the craft, Vu Duy Thuan said. 


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