Tightening labor safety management at mines

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(VEN) - The mining industry faces high risks as it accounts for 18-20 percent of total work accidents.

Tightening labor safety management at mines

A coal mine

Labor safety in focus

Mining is a notoriously dangerous job as workers continuously face harmful factors such as dust, noise and poisonous gases.

Aware of this, the Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Group (TKV) invested almost VND4.6 trillion from 2010-2014 to improve occupational safety and health (OSH). As a result, the number of serious occupational accidents reduced sharply from 35 with death 42 cases in 2010 to 30 with 34 death cases in 2012 and 22 with 27 death cases in 2014.

Right at the beginning of each year coal mining companies strengthen the OSH councils, clarify the responsibilities of each member company, and devise labor safety plans. TKV member companies have actively applied new technology and equipment to increase productivity, salaries, occupational safety, and working conditions.

The companies regularly organize the National OSH Week at an average cost of VND5-6 billion annually. The trade unions have associated with specialized pisions to improve the OSH personnel network, launch professional training courses and organize OSH personnel contests twice a year.

The trade unions and the youth unions regularly inspect the implementation of OSH regulations at companies focusing on propaganda in order for workers to better observe OSH regulations and for companies to provide a sufficient OSH allowance.

OSH models should be expanded

According to the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, to mitigate work accidents in mining, Vietnam has applied a range of OSH regulations and safety technical standards in mining, apart from the Labor Code, the Mineral Law, the Environmental Protection Law, the People’s Healthcare Law and the Occupational Safety and Health Law.

Many mining businesses have paid attention to renewing technology and taking OSH measures to better protect natural resources and workers.

However, it is necessary to strengthen natural resources and mining management and the implementation of state regulations on OSH and work insurance, while renewing OSH training among employers and employees.

In addition, localities need to tighten inspection of OSH regulation implementation at mines and resolve violations including withdrawing mining permits.


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