Three 'Made in Vietnam' cargo container cranes arrive at the India

12:35 | 06/07/2017 Trade

After near than 30 days at sea, three 1,400 ton rail mounted quayside cranes (RMQC) or ship-to-shore cargo container cranes as they are also known, have safely reached the port of Bharat Mumbai Container Terminal (BMCT), India.

Three giant “Made in Vietnam” RMQC or ship-to-shore cargo container cranes arrive and are unloaded at Bharat Port Mumbai Container Terminal, India

The cranes were designed and manufactured at Doosan Vina’s heavy industry complex and then shipped from the company’s dedicated and purpose built port in Quang Ngai, Vietnam on May 19th.

Each of the three RMQC’s weighs 1,400 tons, has a cargo boom of 144 M, stands 84 M high and is 26 M wide. The cranes can handle 65 tons containers efficiently, safely and profitably. And because they were fully assembled prior to shipment the cranes will soon be fully operational.

Located at India’s largest container port, BMCT has berths with a depth of 16.5 meters and docks that are 2,000 meters in length. BMCT is well-connected to key markets in India by a network of highways and railroads and the projected capacity of the port is 4.8 million TEUs per annum.

Since Doosan Vina’s grand opening in May of 2009 the company has manufactured and shipped 68 giant cargo container cranes to customers around the world.