Vu Tuan Viet’s first showcase in HCMC

The vibes of development and innovation

15:00 | 28/07/2022 Society

(VEN) - From July 27 to August 27, 2022, art lovers in Ho Chi Minh City will be able to enjoy an exhibition by cubism artist Vu Tuan Viet, which promises to open an unique artistic experience, with the troubling question that the artist wants to convey through the theme of "Transference": Get into the shell to feel safe, or is the shell itself the most unsafe place?

the vibes of development and innovation
“Độc tấu” (2022) represents Vu Tuan Viet’s internal “transference”

Continuing the flow of “Transition” in Hanoi at Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh districts, GốcCreation and Toong present “Transference”, the first solo showcase of artist Vu Tuan Viet in Saigon, with more than 30 artworks. These artworks represent Vu Tuan Viet's documentation of starting, observing, struggling, experiencing, and growing up over a six-year period. Visitors will be immersed in an emotional space filled with various sharp shapes and colors ranging from cold dark gray full of confusion, skepticism, loneliness, and fear, to clear, balanced drawings with bright, warm colors of maturity, freedom, and excitement about life. Vu Tuan Viet's paintings express the "transition" and "transference" of emotions and thoughts in a clear and joyful manner.

Tuan Viet conveys all of his deep thoughts with multi-perspective views into his artworks, with deep feelings and contemplation of life's ups and downs. All of Tuan Viet's concern, upheaval, loneliness, and fear stem from the stories of the expatriate Nam Dinh people he met, and he sympathized for many of those emotions, which he recounted in his artwork, so we have the 'Transition' installation, which consists of 12 small pictures put together on a picture frame with ideas from a jigsaw puzzle. The picture continues to grow as more pieces and life stories are added. The gray part represents the stories of the difficult lives that the artist shared, the map of Nam Dinh is covered with bright colors, representing the beautiful memories of Nam Dinh people who live far from home, was once embraced and tolerated by this land. The work causes strong emotions when seeing the stark contrast between the harsh reality of life and the illusions of people who always look towards the memories of the beautiful motherland.

Vietnamese art enthusiasts are witnessing and entering an exciting period in artistic history, with generations of talented young artists promising to tell new stories for Vietnamese contemporary art. However, the means of connecting audiences with artworks is insufficient, and opportunities for young artists to bring their works to the public are still limited. As a result, all opportunities for artistic collaboration are valuable. This collaboration between Vu Tuan Viet and GốcCreation is an example.

The "Transference" Showcase is part of the Art Resider program, a collaboration between the curatorial unit GốcCreation and Toong to support artists in their residency, work, and creation in Toong's locations in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Vientiane (Laos).

Artworks will be arranged at Toong's locations to blend into a modern, new, and cozy enjoyment environment. GốcCreation also hopes that these art exhibitions will bring artists to the public's attention while also serving as a point of contact for art lovers from all walks of life and professions to "come," "enjoy," "feel," improve mental lifestyle, and "transfer" into the advancement and development of knowledge and civilization.

Ngoc Thuy