The sidewalk barriers of Saigon

11:22 | 23/02/2017 Fashion & Life

Barriers have been installed in Ho Chi Minh City's District 1 since early February to stop motorcyclists from driving on the sidewalks. However, some are still managing to slip through.

This measure has also been adopted in other inner-city districts. Most of the area around Gia Dinh Park located near Ho Chi Minh City’s international airport is cordoned off by iron bars.

Thanks to these barriers, people have a safe space to exercise and relax,” said a traffic warden at the park.

A 500m fence was erected along Vo Van Kiet Street in District 5 in March 2016 to prevent street vendors from setting up shops.
A barrier and a notice board at the entrance of Le Van Tam Park, District 1, instructing people not to drive their motorbikes
There’s a gap between the two barriers to make it easier for pedestrians to weave through

At 23/9 Park, the management board are also using chains to prevent vehicles.

However, the barriers are causing problems for people in wheelchairs. “If I want to go out, I need somebody to carry me rather than going by myself,” said a disabled woman.

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