The quintessence of craft villages

10:35 | 07/08/2019 Society

(VEN) - Each product of a craft village is a cultural symbol of a community, which has been preserved from generation to generation. Craft village products help us learn about the lives, achievements and creativity of craftspeople.

Painting with wax on brocade

Traditional products of craft villages are present in almost every locality nationwide, from mountainous and coastal areas to cities and rural areas.

One can buy colorful bags, brocade clothing, bamboo and rattan products, hand-made jewelry, ceramics, pottery and many other products in the market or souvenir shops.

Making conical hats in Chuong Village

Many craft villages have become attractive tourist destinations, helping them maintain their cultural value and promote the sale of their traditional products to improve the lives of local people.

Making ceramic products in Chu Dau Village

Pham Tiep