The push is on in Hanoi to sell Vietnamese goods

10:50 | 29/12/2017 Trade

(VEN) - Hanoi is striving to ensure that more than 60 percent of all city consumers will buy Vietnamese goods by the end of the year, according to the Buy Vietnamese Goods steering committee.

the push is on in hanoi to sell vietnamese goods

Many products of Hanoi-based enterprises are carving out a niche for themselves in the market

Goods fairs

At a recent meeting in the capital, the steering committee said Hanoi had adopted many policies to assist businesses in branding development and to promote sales of Vietnamese goods. Vietnamese goods were brought to the city’s rural and suburban areas, and industrial and export processing zones.

Events such as “For Consumers” and “Consumer Honoring Week” held annually in March with dozens of pavilions and points of sale have become the highlights of the city’s Vietnamese goods sales promotion programs. In September, the city held the Vietnam Goods Fair, including awards for the most popular Vietnamese goods in 2017. Those programs provided a diverse range of products while contributing to price stability of many essential consumer goods.

Hanoi has implemented various plans to assist city-based businesses to develop production and trading activities. Enterprises in the capital have taken the initiative in technology and product quality improvement, goods diversification and price reduction. They have developed well-established brands including Viet Tiep Lock, Tran Phu Electric Wire and Cable, and Huu Nghi Confectionary, among many others, which have attracted buyers in the capital and throughout the country.

Trade promotion

The steering committee is seeking to ensure that all residents of the capital are informed of the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign and more than 60 percent buy Vietnamese goods by this yearend. Activities are being conducted to encourage businesses, including those in craft villages, to improve product and service quality and competitiveness, realize their commitments to consumer protection, and promote branding development and protection in domestic and foreign markets.

Hanoi will continue sales of Vietnamese goods in different districts and industrial and export processing zones throughout the city and through distribution systems abroad. It also plans additional trade and industry promotion programs (including Vietnamese goods fairs), encouragement of enterprises to build and develop trademarks, implement consumer protection programs, open the Hanoi sales promotion month, and accelerate market management (including crackdowns on counterfeit, poor quality goods).

Hanoi has been working with other provinces, including Nam Dinh, Son La, Ninh Binh and others on strengthening the connection between the supply and demand for safe farm produce to better satisfy consumers.

Lan Phuong