The Phu Xa Village Festival

14:42 | 10/09/2019 Society

(VEN) - Phu Xa Village Festival takes place annually in Hanoi’s Tay Ho District on the tenth day of the second lunar month to commemorate the village’s tutelary god, Dr. Nguyen Kieu (1695-1753), and his wife, poet Doan Thi Diem (1705-1748). 

the phu xa village festival

History records show that as a mandarin in the Le-Trinh Dynasty, Nguyen Kieu asked for pillars of a communal house in Hanoi’s Thang Long Citadel to be used to build a communal house for Phu Xa Village.

The construction of the communal house began in autumn 1749 and ended in summer 1750. In 1751, prior to his death, Nguyen Kieu planted a cotton tree north of the house, where members of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Communist Party held their meetings in the 1941-1945 period.

the phu xa village festival

The event draws 1,500-2,000 participants, including residents of Phu Xa Village and neighboring areas. At the festival, local residents dress up as soldiers of old times and carry a spirit statue along the dike leading to the Red River. Ten maidens then water the statue. This activity recalls Nguyen Kieu’s journey to China as an envoy of the King in 1742.

the phu xa village festival

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