The greening of Vietnamese handicraft

12:30 | 04/08/2019 Industry

(VEN) - Residents of Luu Thuong Village have been making handicraft from gleicheniaceae, water hyacinth, corn, rattan and bamboo for 300 years. These days, the green, safe products are earning billions of dong in exports for these households in Phu Tuc Commune of Hanoi’s Phu Xuyen District.

the greening of vietnamese handicraft
Rattan and bamboo ware weaving brings in high income

With their high quality and attractive, diverse design, Luu Thuong’s handicraft products have reached such discerning markets as Europe, America, Japan, and the Republic of Korea (RoK). Nguyen Thi Luong, Director of the Hien Luong Bamboo and Rattan Export Co., Ltd. said more than 5,000 products are made in Phu Tuc Commune to meet the need and requirements of discerning markets.

Each year, the company exports hundreds of thousands of products, earning about VND10 billion in revenues. Hien Luong sells baskets as flower and gift containers (made from gleicheniaceae, water hyacinth, corn, rattan and bamboo) in the domestic market during the first several months each year and exports almost all its products. The company is providing jobs for more than 20 regular workers in addition to hundreds of seasonal workers in the commune and its environs.

Villagers make products according to orders. Nguyen Thi Hot from Hong Minh Commune said that apart from doing her farming job, she goes to the workshop to make handicraft products, earning VND3-4 million per month.

Skilled workers like Luong provide vocational training for people from surrounding areas, helping them find a job and supplement their income.

New-generation free trade agreements (FTAs) are expected to boost these products’ export while at the same time present new challenges for handicraft exporters in Phu Tuc Commune.

Fine art and handicraft producers need to invest in workspaces, machinery and technology to create high quality

products if they are to make good use of opportunities provided by FTAs. They are advised to work with foreign

enterprises to better organize production, obtain advanced technology transfer and learn about foreign market taste.

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