The G20 addresses risks to the global economy

14:43 | 12/10/2018 Cooperation

Attended by key global economy leaders, the first day of sessions of the Fourth G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors has come to an end in Bali, Indonesia.  

As of 7.30 pm (Bali time), over 50 heads of delegation looked at ways to address the risks to the global economy, such as financial vulnerabilities and trade tensions. Also, they discussed ways to make the international financial architecture more resilient.

Tomorrow morning, discussions will move to developing infrastructure as an asset class; the Compact with Africa initiative, launched in 2017 to promote private investment in the African continent; and financial inclusion, among other topics.

At 12.45 pm (Bali time), one the meeting is over, Nicolás Dujovne, Argentine Minister of Finance, and Verónica Rappoport, Second Vice-president of the Argentine Central Bank, will give a press conference to brief on the meeting’s highlights.