The first “Sinh Con, Sinh Cha” workshop in the new normal

19:01 | 30/04/2022 Companies

(VEN) - Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LLC (Generali Vietnam) collaborated with the National Fund for Vietnamese Children (NFVC) and Quang Nam Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to organize a Sinh Con, Sinh Cha (Born Children, Born Parents) workshop in Quang Nam Province. This was the first Sinh Con, Sinh Cha workshop in the new normal,  benefiting more than 500 parents, children, teachers and staff of Rang Dong and Anh Dao kindergartens, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province.

the first sinh con sinh cha workshop in the new normal

The Sinh Con, Sinh Cha workshop in Quang Nam facilitated discussion on three important parenting topics attracting public attention in recent times: protecting children against physical and psychological abuses, handling children’s tantrum behaviors as well as early education for children about money. Merited Artist Xuan Bac – NFVC’s goodwill ambassador, volunteered as the workshop’s facilitator. Discussed topics at the workshop are within the program’s three main content pillars of intelligence, behaviors and health of children aged 0 – 6 years.

At the event, Generali Vietnam handed 250 gift sets to all participating children, 250 program booklets to their parents and caregivers, as well as 30 special in-cash and in-kind gift sets to 30 local families in extreme hardship.

Ms. Tina Nguyen, Generali Vietnam CEO, shared: “After such prolonged pandemic interruption, we are very happy to get Sinh Con, Sinh Cha back on the road reaching out and supporting many more families across the country. The supportive help from both national and local governments as well as the wholehearted participation of parents, kindergarten teachers and staff greatly motivates us to forge on and further expand the program’s positive impacts.”

Ms. Le Tuyet Mai, Deputy Director of the NFVC, remarked: “The NFVC is very pleased to have been partnering with Generali Vietnam in various meaningful, timely and very effective community initiatives over the years. Albeit the great challenges caused by the pandemic, Generali has demonstrated the spirit of caring and giving, innovation and creativity to strengthen its community efforts, knowledge sharing activities as well as support for underprivileged children and families. The Sinh Con, Sinh Cha workshop in Quang Nam marks the comeback of the local event series to be organized in various provinces and cities across Vietnam, which will positively contribute to the protection, care, education and comprehensive development of Vietnamese children.”

the first sinh con sinh cha workshop in the new normal

As a community education program with breakthrough innovations in content and formats, Sinh Con, Sinh Cha has benefited more than 3,200 parents, children, kindergarten teachers and staff via local workshops organized across Vietnam. The program’s online content has garnered millions of views, interactions and positive comments via its sitcom series published on Generali Vietnam’s official Youtube channel as well as wide-ranging parenting content on its Facebook fanpage and Sinh Con, Sinh Cha parenting community.

Amidst the evolving pandemic situation, Generali has accelerated the digitalization of Sinh Con, Sinh Cha’s content and activities, continuously exploring new formats such as online workshops with psychological experts and podcast series with the program’s pediatrician, etc. Sinh Con, Sinh Cha has actively supported the disadvantaged communities with various initiatives including the recent “Ngày Mai Cho Em” program delivering Tet gifts and financial support to 500 underprivileged children losing parents to Covid-19. In December 2021, the Generali Group pledged over EUR1 million support for UNICEF’s “Integrated Early Childhood Development (IECD) Holistic Parenting” project as well as the contribution of parenting materials and content from Sinh Con, Sinh Cha to this important project.

With its positive contribution to Vietnamese children’s comprehensive development, Sinh Con, Sinh Cha has quickly become one of the core programs of The Human Safety Net, Generali Group’s global community initiative. In April 2022, the new home of the Human Safety Net at the historic Procuratie Vecchie in St. Mark’s square, Venice, Italia was officially opened to the public. The new home features ample exhibition, convention and co-working spaces to facilitate meetings, dialogues and exchanges of ideas, promote sustainable development goals, and support the collaboration between The Human Safety Net, its partners, program beneficiaries and volunteers.

In recognition of Sinh Con, Sinh Cha’s innovative approach and its sustainable impacts, Generali Vietnam has received organizational and individual commendations from the Minister of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs, recognizing outstanding contributions to Vietnamese children’s well-being and protection, and “Saigon Times CSR” certifications for outstanding community contributions consecutively in 2020 and 2021.