The first accelerated American education program in Vietnam

16:32 | 13/08/2015 Companies

(VEN) - With confidence in their advanced learning abilities, for the first time, Vietnamese students can transcend through high school by enrolling in the Dual Enrollment Program to be able to enter US universities as third year students (juniors), and complete their undergraduate degree right after graduating high school.

The first accelerated American education program in Vietnam

An opportunity to graduate early at a younger age

The Dual Enrollment Program is a college education program designed for high school students with certain academic qualifications.

By joining the program, students will have huge advantages. They will be taught at a college level by highly qualified lecturers from prestigious universities in the US. The second advantage of the Dual Enrollment Program is that students can enjoy the privileges of both an international high school education in Vietnam and an American university education.

These privileges are guaranteed to be equal to those of students studying at prestigious US universities. Specifically, students enrolled in the program will be granted two student IDs, two student codes, access to two resource libraries, and receive guidance counseling from two different academic institutions: APU American International School in Vietnam, and a prestigious university in America.

One of the biggest benefits of the Dual Enrollment Program is that students will be studying one program but will earn credits for two different school systems: the high school system, where the program takes place, and the university system, where the program is certified. This is how students can graduate early and get admitted right into junior year virtually at any undergraduate university in America. Students graduating from the program are granted two transcripts: a high school transcript in Vietnam and a transcript issued by a US university.

Once a student is granted a transcript from a major US university, the transcript and the credits are accepted by, and can be circulated through many prestigious universities in the US.

US standard testing center in Vietnam

APU American International School, part of APU Educational Development Group, has cooperated with UMKC (University of Missouri, Kansas City) in developing the Dual Admissions Program.

With a track record of accomplishments and experience, the APU American International School is an organization that provides educational programs from kindergarten to university.

APU is also a member of the Institute of International Education IIE Vietnam and the Association of Secondary Schools and Universities of Western USA (WASC). In addition, APU is a designated test center for College Board exams such as AP/SAT/ACT in Vietnam.

Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mel Tyler, said, “UMKC is very proud of the lasting partnership with APU, and was fortunate to get a lot of applications from Vietnam. Most APU students have expressed strong academic competence, received prestigious scholarships, made the Dean’s Honor list and have become talented leaders at UMKC.”

Dr. Mel Tyler added, “We have many partners in the US, especially in our Missouri community, however, APU International School is the only school in Asia with this unique Dual Enrollment Program.”

That trust UMKC has in APU International School is based on the quality of student development and education at APU.

Admission criteria and requirements for the Dual Enrollment Program

The Dual Admissions Program’s board of admissions from various US universities and APU International School will carefully review each student’s record, then inpidually select high school students from grades 9 through 12 who possess adequate English skills, good academic standings and clear educational goals. This program is designed specifically for APU students with GPAs over 2.8. Students outside of the APU system must have GPAs over 3.0 from nationally ranked high schools in Vietnam and achieved certified SAT or ACT scores that are 90 percent and over.


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