The Dao Thanh Phan people: A unique cultural gem

10:41 | 15/09/2017 Culture & Art

(VEN) - The traditional culture of the Dao Thanh Phan people offers opportunities for Quang Ninh Province’s Binh Lieu District to develop community tourism into a spearhead economic sector.

a unique cultural gem

The mountainous district of Binh Lieu in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh is likened to the famous Sa Pa Town in northern Lao Cai Province. Nestled on the border with China, with its terraced fields, ranges of hills and mountains, waterfalls and small hamlets, Binh Lieu is a potential tourist gem. In addition to the wonderful natural scenery, the district boasts charming cultural traditions and heritage features of ethnic groups.

More than 90 percent of local residents are members of ethnic minorities such as the Tay, San Chi and Dao. The area is also home to special cultural festivities like the Soong Co and San Co folk song singing festivals and Luc Na festival.

If you visit on a Sunday, souvenirs, garments and food can be bought at Binh Lieu and Dong Van markets, where you can also see the Dao Thanh Phan people.

The Dao Thanh Phan live in the district’s mountainous communes of Dong Van, Hoanh Mo, and Dong Tam. We went to a Dao Thanh Phan village in Binh Lieu District’s Dong Van Commune during the recent anise harvest season. The village was hustling and bustling as residents picked anise.

Young Dao Thanh Phan ladies wear chin straps and red, patterned scarves over their heads, while married Dao Thanh Phan women are distinguished by their shaved heads and a long bamboo hats covered with red, patterned scarves.

Dao Thanh Phan women also shave their eyebrows and cover their teeth with gold as a way to beautify themselves.

The Dao Thanh Phan hold their annual traditional festival on the fourth day of the fourth lunar month. The festival’s traditional practices are designed to keep away wild animals and natural disasters, and pray for prosperity and bumper crops. Nowadays, during the festival, villagers go to visit each other, and go shopping for household and production goods.

During the festival, Dao Thanh Phan boys and girls meet, play horns, and sing songs. The festival features traditional costumes, cake preparing and embroidery contests, folk games and art performances by guest visitors from China.

Bao Thoa