The colors of clay flowers

11:12 | 04/10/2016 Industry

(VEN) - Clay is a main material to produce products with great economic value and high aestheticism. Under Do Truong Phuong Van and Do Truong Phuong Thuy’s hands, clay has been used to produce beautiful flowers.

The colors of clay flowers

Addressing the 2016 handicraft fair-exhibition organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, visitors were surprised by colors and sophistication of flowers made by clay.

According to Do Truong Phuong Van, two sisters studied to make clay flowers from a Thai artisan and she produced around 15 samples in 10 days. After a period of apprenticeship, two sisters bought raw materials from a Thai artisan to produce clay flowers at home.

The two sisters faced many difficulties at the beginning with determination to make clay look like real flowers. Thanks to greater efforts, they have achieved success. Following advice from family members, Van has expanded production and promoted the development of a clay flower market.

Raw materials are seen as a major challenge in expanding production. Material imports from Japan can lead to higher prices of products. Therefore, she has actively looked for domestic materials and additives and bought some equipment to produce clay flowers, leaves and stems with various colors. After many difficulties and challenges, a Time Clay Flower shop was established.

Human resources are a key factor for making clay flowers. Therefore, Van has organized vocational training in order to develop work skills. The shop has also organized training of people with difficulties and disabilities. Many of them have found stable jobs although incomes have not been high.

The Time Clay Flower shop has developed and their products have been increasingly popular with the first big success of participating in the 2015 Da Lat Flower Festival. Their products attracted the interest of visitors during the festival and a large number of them were sold. Clay flowers were also welcomed in the 2016 Handicraft Fair-Exhibition.

In addition to promoting investment in production, Van plans to establish a company, expand their market and continue vocational training to create more jobs for people with difficulties and disabilities.

With determination to make clay flowers, Do Truong Phuong Van has achieved success and their products have become increasingly popular.


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