The Bo Y’s preservation of their cultural uniqueness

16:53 | 01/10/2015 Society

Although they are a minority, the Bo Y have been able to preserve their cultural uniqueness, which includes traditional costume, architecture, and wedding and funeral ceremonies.

The Bo Y’s preservation of their cultural uniqueness

The Bo Y live in the mountains. Their houses have three rooms and a front hall. The frame of the house, which consists of 2 joists spanning a number of columns, is made wood or bamboo. 

The roof is tiled. The house’s main door is in the middle and the house is connected to a kitchen through a smaller door.

Ngu Khoi Phuong, a researcher of Bo Y culture, said, “The width and length of the floor should be odd numbers, regardless of the height of the columns. A typical Bo Y house has 2 floors: the ground floor is where the people live and the second floor is for storing food.”

The wedding ceremony of the Bo Y has remained unchanged for centuries. There was once a tradition that Bo Y could only marry people of their own ethnicity. This practice has been abandoned and now young men and women are free to choose partners from different ethnic groups. 

The groom will not be in the delegation to bring the bride home. Matchmakers play an important role in every Bo Y wedding. They are prestigious people, who understand Bo Y customs and can sing call-and-response melodies very well.

The bride’s family will ask the matchmakers to sing. If any of the groom’s delegation fails to respond, he/she will have to drink all four bowls of wine before being allowed to enter the house.”

Bo Y women wear many accessories such as necklaces and bracelets. Chu Thi Dung said there is always a bronze drum pattern on the sleeves of their clothing.

Ha Giang province has implemented a number of projects to research and preserve the culture of the Bo Y. Elderly Bo Y people are involved in teaching Bo Y traditions to younger generations as a way to keep their culture alive./.

Source: VOV5