The bamboo maker from Nghe An Province

06:00 | 20/02/2021 Society

(VEN) - After experiencing the difficulties of living in a foreign country, Thai Dang Tien returned to his hometown in Nghe An Province’s Con Cuong District to start up a bamboo products business.

the bamboo maker from nghe an province
Tra Lan Bamboo’s booth at the north central region’s industry and trade fair

Starting up a business

Thai Dang Tien, director of the Tra Lan Bamboo Co., Ltd., described the making of bamboo handicrafts when addressing the north central region’s industry and trade fair held in the central province of Nghe An in December 2020.

Nguyen Van Nam from Vinh City’s Hung Binh Ward was attracted by the beauty of the bamboo tea set that Tien presented to the audience and did not hesitate to spend VND1.5 million to buy it at the fair.

the bamboo maker from nghe an province

Thai Dang Tien introduces bamboo products

Tien described the difficulties of living in a foreign country and starting up a business. He said that after graduating from high school, he studied molding and welding at the Vietnam-Germany Technical Vocational College in Nghe An Province, and then went to Chinese Taipei for two years to work. However, contrary to his expectations, he did not make much money in his two-year working there. He said it was just a living, not career development or a promising future, prompting him to return to his hometown.

After coming back, he came up with the idea of producing household products and handicrafts from bamboo given the gradually diminishing supply of wood compared to bamboo, which is almost endless given its ability to regenerate in a short time.

Local residents were enthusiastic about his idea. He started up a business with investment capital of about VND200 million. Over the years, he has invested in building the workshop and purchasing a boiling machine, cold dryer and handheld tools.

Tien said handling raw materials was the most complicated and time-consuming step. He failed countless times and spent countless money on this step. Finally, he found a sandblasting technique to clean raw materials.

Achieving success

Tien said he no longer sees himself as a failure. He has helped create jobs for seven skilled workers, even 15 at the peak. Tien is also planning to establish a bamboo cooperative in order to guide farmers to plant and harvest in the right way and increase their incomes.

After harvesting bamboo, the stump is usually thrown away. However, Tien uses the stump to make handicrafts, such as teapots, teacups, flower pots and other parts like lids and handles.

In addition to introducing products at tourist destinations, trade fairs and exhibitions, his company also makes products at customer requests through social networks.

the bamboo maker from nghe an province
the bamboo maker from nghe an province

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