The Australian steel smarthome for Vietnam's civil construction market

09:46 | 13/09/2022 Companies

(VEN) - Ho Chi Minh City, September 6, 2022, NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam – the world's leading steel solution expert with more than 165 years of experience – signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 13 distributors with a view to providing the domestic market with LYSAGHT® SMARTHOME™ - THE AUSTRALIAN STEEL SMARTHOME. Accordingly, NS BlueScope Lysaght will work closely with distributors to deploy smart steel building solutions in civil construction, meeting the strict requirements of investors.

The LYSAGHT® SMARTHOME™ solution was first introduced in Vietnam in 2021, unveiling a completely new trend in the use of unburnt materials in civil construction, to help investors solve problems related to design, construction and maintenance, which are often encountered with traditional reinforced concrete and steel buildings. After a year, the solution was highly appreciated by investors, architects and contractors for its quality, aesthetics, and construction progress.

the australian steel smarthome for vietnams civil construction market
NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam signed a strategic cooperation agreement with distributors to deploy steel smarthome solutions in civil construction

“In today's civil construction sector, traditional reinforced concrete houses are still common, but there are many disadvantages, such as heavy structure, long construction time, high cost, difficulty in managing consistent quality and low reusability. Traditional steel buildings with dated technology have faster construction time, yet face difficulties in controlling weld quality, while the risk of rust from the welds is high. It is difficult to install the wall-mounted water and electricity system, and we have to use chemicals for surface treatment and are mostly installed based on experience with no design and technical calculations,” said Ho Thinh, Engineering Manager, Lysaght Construction, NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam.

“But the presence of the LYSAGHT® SMARTHOME™ solution really makes a great impression on us because it can solve all the above-mentioned difficulties. We hope this strategic cooperation will trigger momentum to bring the solution to many families, as well as a new perspective on steel houses in civil construction,” said To Hoang Minh, Director, ACD Professional Consultant Co., Ltd.

the australian steel smarthome for vietnams civil construction market
Visit Lysaght® Smarthome™ model house in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province

With LYSAGHT® SMARTHOME™, every detail of the house is impressively designed. The slender structure optimizes the use of space; the surface of the steel frame and connecting details are finished synchronously and sharply, leaving no scorch marks or roughness in the welds; the water and electricity system is delicately and negatively designed inside the frame system, ensuring the aesthetics for the whole project. Simultaneously, the solution applies ENDUROCADD®, a specialized software for steel building design, developed by NS BlueScope Lysaght and certified by the Australian Building Standards Authority. The application integrates all three processes of design, detailed implementation and volume calculation, ensuring high accuracy, avoiding incurring costs during construction. After the drawings are approved, smart software linked with factory equipment is utilized for fully automatic production, helping to reduce material waste and optimize production costs. Installation is done precisely and securely with just screws.

the australian steel smarthome for vietnams civil construction market

Ho Thinh – Engineering Manager, Lysaght Construction presented about technology related to Lysaght® Smarthome™

The steel frame of LYSAGHT® SMARTHOME™ uses premium steel material with the unique ACTIVATE™ technology in Vietnam that is characterized with four phases of superior corrosion resistance in all environments. In addition, this is also an environmentally friendly material, 100 percent anti-termite and non-combustible. In particular, the LYSAGHT® SMARTHOME™ solution can reduce the installation time by up to 50 percent compared to traditional reinforced concrete houses.

Truong Tan Loc, General Manager, Lysaght South Vietnam Cluster, NS BlueScope Lysaght Vietnam, said: “The LYSAGHT® SMARTHOME™ solution not only has the advantage of top Australian quality, but also has an impressive design and comprehensive range of utilities. Therefore, we cooperate with strategic distributors in Vietnam to expand our business network, contributing to bringing this high-quality product to more Vietnamese families and meeting the demands of families looking for an ideal solution with effective return on investment.

the australian steel smarthome for vietnams civil construction market
Truong Tan Loc - General Manager, Lysaght South Vietnam Cluster briefly introduced Lysaght® Smarthome™ and Smartruss™ solutions

The list of distributors with strategic cooperation with NS BlueScope Lysaght:

  1. ACD Professional Consultant Co., Ltd
  2. Nhat Nguyen Co., Ltd
  3. BOSS Construction Trading Service Company Limited
  4. LTD Construction Joint Stock Company
  5. Khang Minh Construction Joint Stock Company
  6. Hoang Ngan Co., Ltd
  7. Green Architecture Design & Construction Consultant Joint Stock Company
  8. VVV Trading & Construction Joint Stock Company
  9. An Hiep Phat Trading and Construction Company Limited
  10. Tai Thien Construction and Design Company Limited
  11. Kieu Hung Steel Company Limited
  12. NCA Construction Joint Stock Company
  13. Thanh Hieu Construction