Thanh Phu Industrial Park: Convergence of potential and advantages

15:57 | 01/11/2013 Companies

(VEN) - Dong Nai Province has the largest number of industrial parks (IPs) in Vietnam. Some of IPs in the province have been put into operation including Amata, Bien Hoa 2, Loteco, among others.

A signing ceremony to lease land in Thanh Phu Industrial Park


With the aim of attracting investment capital into southern industrial parks and creating an economic driven force for Dong Nai Province, Thanh Phu Industrial Park, invested by Dona Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company in association with two strategic partners, Sonadezi Corporation and Sonadezi Long Binh Joint Stock Company, has officially been kicked off and recorded initial positive results.

Located in southern Vinh Cuu District and bordering Bien Hoa City, Thanh Phu IP has its prime location and easily attracts workers at all levels. Situated on such important transport junction of the Southern Key Economic Zone and fully filled industrial parks of Amata, Bien Hoa 2 and Loteco, Thanh Phu IP is truly an ideal choice for any investors.

Investors highly appreciated Thanh Phu IP for its well projected design and favorable location on the Dong Khoi Street, a major road of Bien Hoa City. It is about four kilometers from the center of Bien Hoa City, 35km from Ho Chi Minh City, 7km from National Highway 1A, 10km from National Highway 51, 30km from the Long Thanh International Airport, 27km from the Ho Chi Minh - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Highway, 10km from Dong Nai Port, 58km from the deep-water port of Cai Mep, and 60km from the deep-water port of Phu My. Thanks to its adjacent location to large urban areas, Thanh Phu IP offers a lot of great benefits for investors than any other industrial parks in terms of power and water supply, information and communication networks as well as other social infrastructure facilities and on-site human resources.

Technical infrastructure in Thanh Phu IP is designed and built modernly. The wastewater treatment plant is designed with advanced technologies and has daily wastewater treatment capacity of 5,000 cubic meters and shall be put into operation in August, 2013. These shall help enterprises there achieve operational standards and reach green brands to pass technical barriers in major markets requiring strict environmental standards.

In addition, with its good natural geological conditions and loading capacity from 2-2.5 kg/cm2, Thanh Phu IP enables investors to significantly reduce the cost of foundation construction works.

Mr. Bi Long Son, President and General Director of Dona Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company said that Dong Nai Province is now considered as the industrial capital of Vietnam with the implementation of approved plans for 32 industrial parks; most of these parks have been occupied.

However, the demand for investment expansion of enterprises in the industrial park is still so large, so the adjacent location of Thanh Phu IP gets advantages to become a satellite for many filled industrial parks nearby.

Thanh Phu IP, one of a few industrial parks situated on the inside adjacent industrial zones of Bien Hoa, has been promoting the improvement of technical infrastructure and attracting investment.

Currently, with total area of 177.2ha, Thanh Phu IP has attracted 12 domestic and foreign investors including those from Chinese Taipei and the Republic of Korea with the occupancy rate reaching 49 percent. The remaining 51 percent of industrial land, Thanh Phu IP is making efforts to attract investment to drive local economic growth and create more jobs for local people with many industries such as: garment, embroidery, home appliances, plastic products, enamel utensils, appliances, construction materials, mechanical processing, electronic assembling, chemicals and cosmetic.

Mr. Son added that Thanh Phu IP is ready for a new stage of development; at present, it can meet requirements of subleased land for any investors; according to the development strategy for the 2011-2015 period, the industrial park will give priority to attracting hi-tech and non-polluting projects; Thanh Phu is oriented to become a clean, green, modern industrial park, which facilitates effective and sustainable development of investors; the company will spare 60ha of land to build production workshops for lease in addition to leasing land; this is a primary business of the company. Each workshop will have an area of 1,000-4,000 square meters with basic facilities for tenants.

With incentive policies, modern infrastructure services, and prime geographical location, Thanh Phu IP is an ideal destination for investors and contribution to the industrialization and modernization of Dong Nai Province./.

Trong Van