Thanh Hoa Province prioritizes environmental protection

09:00 | 14/07/2022 Environment

(VEN) - In order to promote fast and effective economic development and protect the environment by reducing emissions in the production process, Thanh Hoa Province is adopting a number of synchronous solutions.

According to the Thanh Hoa Department of Industry and Trade, sustainable production and consumption models have exploited and used mineral resources in a rational and economical way. The province also prioritizes the recovery, reuse and recycling of waste such as nylon and plastic into materials for production.

Although Thanh Hoa’s industrial parks and clusters lack centralized solid waste treatment zones, the solid waste generated during production is classified, collected and treated in accordance with regulations.

thanh hoa province prioritizes environmental protection

A model of exchanging waste for environmentally friendly items

Many manufacturing enterprises in the central province have been applying modern, environmentally friendly, high-efficiency and energy-saving technologies. Supermarkets and commercial centers are increasing the use of environmentally friendly packaging to replace disposable and non-biodegradable ones.

Hoang Van Hai, a representative of Thanh Hoa Co.opmart, said that as a reputable retailer, the supermarket chain always directs consumers towards using green and environmentally friendly products and cooperates with producers using environmentally friendly raw materials and fuels, and ones that apply energy- saving, cleaner production solutions.

Co.opmart has developed policies and strategies to promote production and consumption, with the support of Thanh Hoa Province an important factor in maintaining its sustainable development.

Thanh Hoa Province has built and deployed plans in response to the National Action Program on Sustainable Production and Consumption for the 2021-2030 period, with the goal of promoting natural resources and energy efficiency, developing a circular economy and improving quality of life for its residents.

Accordingly, the province strives to reduce at least five to eight percent of fuel consumption by manufacturing industries such as textiles and garments, steel, plastic, chemicals, and cement by 2025; successfully implement at least two sustainable production and consumption models; encourage cleaner production models and have 85 percent of supermarkets and commercial centers use environmentally friendly packaging to gradually replace disposable and non-biodegradable ones. It will also organize training courses for 70 percent of workers in economic zones, industrial parks, industrial clusters and craft villages to raise their awareness of sustainable production and consumption.

The support from Thanh Hoa Province in promoting sales of environmentally friendly products is an important factor in maintaining the sustainable development of enterprises.

Thu Huong