Thanh Hoa Province boosts rural forest product processing

10:00 | 13/12/2020 Economy

(VEN) - Thanh Hoa is one of the provinces selected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) to implement three-year industry promotion projects to support rural industrial establishments manufacturing and processing forest products.

thanh hoa province boosts rural forest product processing
Key industry promotion projects help rural forest product processing establishments invest in advanced equipment

Since 2018, the northeastern coastal province has helped rural industrial establishments apply advanced machinery and equipment to produce plywood products for export and to process fine art wood products. The total support budget for six establishments was VND1.3 billion. In addition, Thanh Hoa organized seminars to improve productivity and quality, and develop forest product processing in Tho Xuan District for 150 managers of rural industrial establishments in various districts.

In 2019, the province implemented the project in other districts with a total budget of VND2.3 billion, supporting the construction of technical demonstration models to produce plywood products meeting CARB P2 standard. It also helped establishments find export markets, produce wood plank products for domestic sale and export, and apply advanced machinery and equipment to the production of export plywood products and the processing of fine art wood products.

In 2020, the last year of the project, the Thanh Hoa Center for Industry Promotion and Energy Conservation under the Thanh Hoa Department of Industry and Trade continues to help rural establishments in other districts, in applying advanced machinery and equipment and building technical demonstration models, with a total budget of VND 2.8 billion.

The Director of the Thanh Hoa Center for Industry Promotion and Energy Conservation Hoang Xuan Phong said the industry promotion project has had a positive impact on rural industrial establishments. It has enabled them to invest in advanced machinery and innovative technology to produce products for domestic and export markets, improving productivity, saving material and power consumption, and minimizing environmental pollution. Some locally made products have affirmed their quality and brand name in the US, India, Thailand, Chinese Taipei and the Republic of Korea. Enterprises in the province have also linked together to form a value chain, from planning and developing raw materials to processing and marketing to ensure sustainable development.

Thanh Hoa Province has more than 400 companies processing forest products. A quarter of them have direct export capacity and their main markets are the Republic of Korea, China, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Germany, the US and the EU with high demand for paper and wood used for interiors and construction.

Linh Nhi