Thanh Hoa Province adopts new industry promotion policies

09:00 | 27/12/2021 Industry

(VEN) - The northern central province of Thanh Hoa has just issued a resolution setting out numerous incentives for the province’s rural industrial and handicraft facilities in the 2022-2026 period.

Attractive policies

According to the newly issued resolution, Thanh Hoa prioritizes construction of technical infrastructure in industrial zones (IZs), with support for IZs in the province’s Muong Lat District reaching VND1.5 billion/ha but no more than VND20 billion per IZ, while those in the remaining mountainous districts and districts that border Ho Chi Minh Highway are eligible for support of up to VND0.7 billion/ha and no more than VND15 billion/IZ, and those in plain and coastal districts can receive support of VND0.5 billion/ha and no more than VND10 billion/IZ.

The province also has support for industrial and handicraft production and labor intensive projects in mountainous districts. The support can reach VND1 billion/ha for projects in some districts of Group 30a, and VND0.7 billion/ha but no more than VND2 billion/project for projects in the remaining mountainous districts. Each project attracting workers to mountainous districts can receive support worth no more than VND2 billion. Specifically, for investment projects in districts of Group 30a, depending on their employment, the support funding ranges from VND1-1.5 million per worker, while workers of projects with 100-1,000 employees in other mountainous areas are eligible for VND0.5-1 million each.

thanh hoa province adopts new industry promotion policies

Industry promotion programs

Thanh Hoa Province is home to 132 craft villages engaging in 36 crafts. Together with farm and fishery produce, forest products and foodstuff processing, handicraft production has become the most efficient operation. Craft villages earning high revenues include those involved in production of sedge-based fine art and handicraft articles in Nga Son, rice vermicelli production in Nong Cong, bronze casting in Thieu Hoa, and carpentry in Hoang Hoa District’s Hoang Ha Commune.

Thanh Hoa's industrial and handicraft sector has been developing strongly in recent years, contributing significantly to improving the state of the province's rural industry. This result is attributed to the dynamism and flexibility of enterprises and industrial and handicraft production facilities and timely support from the province's industry promotion program.

With resources mobilized from different sources, the province’s industry promotion and energy efficiency center has helped producers procure modern machinery and equipment, train workers, and seek markets.

According to Resolution 121/2021/NQ-HDND on promoting the province’s rural industrial and handicraft development from 2022 to 2026, industry promotion projects will be supported with capital from the province’s coffers.

Hai Linh