Thanh Hoa Power Company prepares for peak heat

08:00 | 25/06/2022 Companies

(VEN) - Following directions of the Northern Power Corporation under Vietnam Electricity (EVNNPC), the Thanh Hoa Power Company (PC Thanh Hoa) has been reviewing the overall state of the provincial power grid system to ensure power supply in 2022.

Thanh Hoa Province’s power grid currently has 21 110-kV substations, more than 8,348 distribution substations with a total capacity of 2,738,340 kVA, and a system of medium and low voltage lines which can supply power to 810,637 users in the province (up 14,292 over the same period in 2021). With a synchronous and modern electricity system, which is also regularly upgraded, PC Thanh Hoa has fully met the electricity demand for production and daily use of local residents.

However, the power supply is expected to throw up challenges due to the shortage of peak capacity in the summer months and load regulation is required. The constantly growing demand will also significantly affect the stability and safety of the power grid, and possibly cause local overloads in some areas.

Following directions of the EVNNPC, from early this year, PC Thanh Hoa has been devising solutions for these challenges. The company has monitored full loads or overloads, drawing up plans to rotate transformers in accordance with demand in each area and built new electricity infrastructure to prevent overloads. By the end of March 2022, the company had completed reviews and repairs of 86 out of 97 substations. Of those, 46 substations are already energized and 40 others have been completed, waiting for the power connection.

PC Thanh Hoa inspects a power grid to handle defects and prevent breakdowns

Along with the construction, overhaul and line repairs, PC Thanh Hoa has made contingency plans for specialized departments to be on duty when the outdoor temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius to promptly handle power outages. It will also work closely with the Customer Care Center of EVNNPC to receive information about outages in order to quickly power. PC Thanh Hoa has been coordinating with the Northern Load Dispatch Center (A1), Hoa Binh Power Company and Ninh Binh Power One Member Company Limited for back-up power supply when needed.

In addition, the company is also coordinating with local authorities and the media to promote power saving and efficiency among enterprises and individual customers.

With the peak heat still ahead, PC Thanh Hoa is urging the safe use of electricity economically and effectively and limitation on the simultaneous use of high-capacity electrical equipment.

Dang Hien