Thanh Hoa PC helps businesses reach power efficiency

11:33 | 17/05/2019 Industry

(VEN) - The Thanh Hoa Power Company (Thanh Hoa PC) is promoting energy efficiency education and technical and administrative management to improve power supply sustainability, especially in enterprises.  

thanh hoa pc helps businesses reach power efficiency
Utilizing natural light is important to reduce electricity consumption

According to authorities, 13,275 enterprises and thousands of administrative agencies use electricity in Thanh Hoa Province, creating growing demand that is expected to increase more than 12 percent per year.

Thanh Hoa PC Director Trinh Xuan Nhu said that in following electricity efficiency policies of the Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and the Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC), Thanh Hoa PC has implemented electricity efficiency measures, giving priority to industrial manufacturing enterprises with a high energy consumption level.

Apart from promoting electricity efficiency through the media, Thanh Hoa PC works with enterprises to assess equipment efficiency, provides training for enterprises’ technicians, and helps businesses design factory roofs utilizing natural light and wind, repair and replace old electric wires, install energy efficient lights, adjust the time of electricity use for production, and implement energy audits.

A representative of the Nanora Shoe Company, for example, said the company has received assistance from the local power industry in ensuring electricity and energy efficiency. The company has replaced its old air compressors with new, energy efficient ones, used biomass oil heaters and installed LED lighting systems. In particular, the company has invested in an energy consumption control system.

According to Thanh Hoa PC Director Trinh Xuan Nhu, regular electricity and energy efficiency programs have helped push down electricity consumption by tens of millions of kWh per year. In 2018, the province decreased electricity consumption by almost 70 million kWh, representing 1.6 percent of the province’s commercial electricity production output in the same year. The electricity efficiency potential remains large, especially in large-scale factories.

Although they have acknowledged the importance of power efficiency, many factories and enterprises are still using old equipment and consuming a large amount of energy as they lack capital to renovate production equipment and technology.

Nhu said the company leadership has acknowledged that electricity efficiency especially in the industrial sector is important to ease the pressure on the power industry and the economy as a whole. In 2019, Thanh Hoa PC will continue to assist businesses in reaching electricity efficiency and renewing production lines while strengthening electricity efficiency promotion, encouraging customers to implement demand response (DR) programs and developing rooftop solar power projects.

Apart from efforts by the electricity industry, financial assistance is important for industrial enterprises to improve energy efficiency.

Thanh Hoa PC Director Trinh Xuan Nhu: Thanh Hoa PC has established a working group to implement a power demand management program, chosen 40 customers to participate in a non-commercial DR program, and proposed that the Thanh Hoa Province People's Committee strengthen electricity efficiency.