Thang Long Tobacco Company reduces waste discharge into environment

09:00 | 11/10/2021 Companies

(VEN) - The resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the trade and production activities of the Thang Long Tobacco Company, but its leaders and employees have overcome difficulties to complete their set targets, while ensuring environmental protection.

thang long tobacco company reduces waste discharge into environment
The company maintains production activities despite the Covid-19 resurgence

Ensuring production safety

Prices of supplies and raw materials have increased due to the pandemic, posing difficulties in trade and production. However, under the leadership of the Party Committee Executive Board, the Board of Members and the Board of Directors, together with close coordination between member units and a high sense of responsibility of all employees, the company has overcome difficulties to complete the set targets.

In August, the company maintained production and ensured worker accommodations and meals. Domestic consumption remained at a high level, while exports recorded an increase compared to the previous month. In the first eight months of the year, the company sold 50.6 million packets of tobacco, an increase of 45 percent compared to a year ago, completing 67.4 percent of the yearly plan.

The company’s units have ensured strict compliance with official instructions on Covid-19 prevention and control, with medical declarations and prompt action to respond to the pandemic, while devising scenarios and plans to ensure safety in production.

thang long tobacco company reduces waste discharge into environment
The campus is planted with trees to create a green, clean and beautiful environment

Greening the environment

In addition to efforts to complete its set targets, the company has paid great attention to environmental protection, investing several billion Vietnamese dong in odor control and wastewater treatment systems as well as waste storage facilities. The entire campus of the company is planted with trees, creating a green, clean and beautiful environment.

In response to World Environment Day, the company organized “Action for nature” and “Using green fuels for environmental protection” events. The company’s radio system also implemented broadcasting programs on environmental protection from June 5 to 20 to raise the awareness of employees.

The company has strengthened information dissemination on the 2020 Law on Environmental Protection in order to raise awareness of bans on hunting wild animals and reducing the use of non-degradable plastic bags. The company has also set up a Zalo group to receive comments from leaders and employees and strengthened inspection and supervision of units that perform environmental sanitation contracts in order to keep the landscape clean.

The company has paid special attention to cleaning areas with risk of pollution, such as the wastewater system of the collective kitchen and dumps; strengthened supervision of the use of fuels for boilers to make sure that gas emissions meet standards; strengthened inspection of waste collection, transportation and treatment; and mobilized resources to thoroughly resolve environmental pollution caused by waste.

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