Thai supermarkets open doors to Vietnamese exports

10:14 | 17/07/2017 Trade

(VEN) - Thai supermarkets in Vietnam have made it possible for many made-in-Vietnam products to enter the market in Thailand.

Litchis and dragon fruit

The first batch of Bac Giang Province’s Luc Ngan litchis was exported to Thailand through Big C supermarkets on June 20, paving the way for Vietnamese fruit to enter this potential market. Litchis exported to Thailand are packaged along with VietGAP certificates of quality, bar codes indicating origin, geographical indications and logo. According to Big C supermarket system’s representative, during the first Vietnamese Goods Week in Thailand in 2016, litchis were introduced to local consumers, who gave good feedback. Therefore, the first batch of Luc Ngan litchis exported to Thailand through Big C supermarkets is expected to do well.

Thailand’s TCC Group, which completed the acquisition of Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam in January 2016, is also seeking Vietnamese agricultural products for export to Thailand. In particular, the group brought 100 tonnes of Vietnamese dragon fruit to sell at Big C Thailand stores in 2016. According to experts, market demand for this fruit is great, presenting an opportunity to increase its exports to Thailand through supermarkets.

In addition to dragon fruit and litchis, Thailand’s supermarket systems have also promoted the search of quality suppliers for such agricultural products as sweet potatoes, star apples, oranges, avocados and lemons.

Promoting exports

Successful exports of Vietnamese fruit to Thailand through supermarket systems are a praiseworthy signal as Thailand is considered a world-leading exporter of agricultural products in the region.

However, it is not easy for Vietnamese goods to conquer the Thai market. Vietnam and Thailand have good diplomatic relations, but that is not enough.

Thai fresh fruit is famous for its good quality, competitive prices and diversified varieties, while canned and dried fruit and vegetables are exported to many countries in the world. Therefore, Vietnam needs to ensure the products it wantwants to see the Thais are of high quality. According to experts, to create a sustainable cooperative relationship, Vietnamese products must also meet such criteria as stable supplies, competitive prices, and safety.

To support exports of Vietnamese goods to Thailand via supermarkets, the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s European Market Department is coordinating with Thailand’s Central Group to organize a second Vietnamese Goods Week in Thailand, from July 27 to August 3. The event aims to introduce Vietnamese products to Thai consumers and open the door for Vietnamese enterprises to increase the presence of Vietnamese goods in the Thai market.

During the first Vietnamese Goods Week in Thailand, Vietnamese goods were warmly welcomed by Thai consumers with such products as Minh Long ceramics, Sai Gon beer, Hoa Tho garments and textiles, Bich Chi, Hoan Chau and Tan Hue Vien food, Tam Lan tea and Highlands coffee. Vietnamese businesses also signed contracts with Thai companies at the event. For example, the Binh Phu Furniture Company announced cooperation with the Central Group with a contract worth US$1.2 million to export furniture to a major Bangkok hotel.

The second Vietnamese Goods Week in Thailand is expected to help Thai consumers have greater access to Vietnamese goods with high quality, competitive prices and diversified varieties, contributing to increasing Vietnam’s exports to Thailand in the future.

Thailand’s Central Group has helped Vietnamese enterprises export goods to more than 20 countries. The objective of the second Vietnamese Goods Week to be held in Thailand this month is not only to create conditions for Thai people to learn more about Vietnamese goods, but also to create opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises to introduce their products, thereby increasing exports to this potential market.

It also demonstrates the determination of the Central Group to help Vietnamese companies introduce their products to foreign markets through its extensive worldwide distribution network.

Bao Ngoc