Thai Pieu scarves: Shawls that say it all

16:08 | 25/08/2019 Society

(VEN) - With their vivid colorful patterns, Pieu scarves are a leading embroidery product of Vietnam’s ethnic Thai group, reflecting the aesthetic sense of Thai girls and demonstrating the group’s outlook on the world and on life.

thai pieu scarves shawls that say it all

Scarf patterns feature animals such as deer, butterfly, bird, elephant or tiger, the moon, and trees such as fern. These same patterns are also embroidered on the hems of Thai costumes. Thai women wear Pieu scarves daily and during festive activities.

By the time they are 15 or 16, Thai girls have been taught by their mother how to weave and embroider the traditional scarves.

thai pieu scarves shawls that say it all

A Thai girl is supposed to be sufficiently skilled to make a Pieu scarf herself before getting married because a bride is expected to present the shawl as a gift to her mother-in-law on the first day of her married life at her husband’s house. The bride also makes one for herself so the scarf connects her with her husband’s family.

The scarves are said to reflect a girl’s talent and character and boys may select their bride based on their ability to decorate and embroider her scarf. Researchers say the scarf is buried with its owner because it is considered a guide for the soul of the deceased in heaven.

thai pieu scarves shawls that say it all

Pham Tiep