Thai Nguyen’s breakthrough in rural construction

15:40 | 29/09/2015 Society

(VEN) - Many localities in Thai Nguyen Province are completing the new rural area construction program criteria. One of the key factors contributing to the success of the program is the strong consensus among local people.

Thai Nguyen’s breakthrough in rural construction

Soldiers and people have actively participated in the new rural area construction program

Pho Yen District’s Hong Tien Commune has completed criteria in the new rural area construction program. Thanks to implementing democratic regulations and respecting local people’s opinions, especially ensuring transparency in terms of revenues and expenses, the commune has achieved positive results. The public in Hong Tien Commune have donated more than 3,500sq.m of land and dismantled more than 800m of fencing for road construction.

Together with the state budget, local people have raised more than VND7 billion and expended thousands of workdays to construct nearly 16km of concrete roads, build and repair six cultural houses and build new classrooms, playing fields and rest rooms for kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. In particular, more than 30 households in Man Chiem Village have donated more than 2,000sq.m of land for road construction.

People in Dai Tu District’s Ky Phu Commune have donated nearly 17,737sq.m of land and dismantled 5,275m of fencing in the past five years for infrastructure construction. In addition, they have raised several millions of Vietnamese dong and expended thousands of workdays to upgrade 12km of concrete roads and construct more than 16km of new concrete roads.

Phu Luong District’s Phan Me Commune has encouraged land donation with an area of more than 22,000sq.m. In addition, over 400 households in Phu Luong District’s Tuc Tranh Commune have donated 31,000sq.m of land and raised VND5.7 billion for infrastructure construction over the past four years.

Many typical examples in the new rural area construction program in Thai Nguyen Province have appeared. For example, Pham Ngoc Bao from Phan Me Commune’s Lang Co 2 Village has donated more than 300sq.m of land and dismantled fencing worth of VND135 million for concrete road construction.

Thai Nguyen Province’s people have also positively participated in economic development to ensure better living conditions, contributing to creating a new face for rural areas.


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