Thai Nguyen greens mining environment

08:03 | 19/05/2014 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Thai Nguyen has great potential in industrial development thanks to huge reserves of mineral resources; however, it is also facing increased pollution that requires drastic and continuous efforts to solve environmental challenges.

Experts are busy implementing the Nui Phao mining project, Thai Nguyen Province

According to Director of Thai Nguyen’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment Doan Van Tuan, there have been 217 ore and mineral deposits with more than 30 different types of minerals discovered across the province and mainly concentrated in Dai Tu, Phu Luong, Dong Hy, and Vo Nhai districts. This is a great advantage to develop local metallurgical and mining industries.

However, outdated equipment has still been used in many mines across the province, badly affecting the environment. For example, Thac Lac Stream in Dong Hy has been seriously contaminated with solids, and Coc Stream in Thai Nguyen City has been seriously contaminated with solids and oil.

Since 2011, Thai Nguyen has implemented more uniform solutions to minimize the environmental impact from mining through the Strengthened Management of Mineral Resources during the 2011-2015 Period project. After two years of implementation, mineral exploitation and transport activities in the province have been gradually controlled.

According to Thai Nguyen’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment, at present, the province has 165 licensed mines, including 89 mines in operation and 92 mines having made deposits for environmental protection. As of 2013, the total deposits reached nearly VND45 billion and the charge of environmental protection in mining reached nearly VND66 billion.

In 2011, Thai Nguyen’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment and Thai Nguyen’s People’s Committee coordinated to issue the Thai Nguyen’s Environmental Planning Media plan as part of efforts to promote local environmental protection. Since 2010, the department has coordinated with relevant agencies to hold 50 workshops on environmental protection.

“Thai Nguyen’s environmental protection has gradually been improved thanks to increased budget funding from VND40 billion in 2010 to more than VND100 billion last year, plus also environmental protection charges for waste water in mining,” Doan Van Tuan said.

Thai Nguyen is focusing on relocation of establishments causing serious environmental pollution in residential areas into industrial parks and clusters; tightening control of manufacturing facilities with the potential for environmental pollution. Local industrial parks and clusters are required to have wastewater treatment systems. The province will continue to improve forest coverage according to set targets./.

By Phuong Tam