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Thai Nguyen boosts rural industrial development

10:00 | 13/11/2020 Industry

(VEN) - With many practical forms of support, including direct investment in production technology innovation and identifying markets, Thai Nguyen Industry Promotion encourages enterprises, cooperatives, and rural industrial establishments to expand production.

thai nguyen boosts rural industrial development
The Viet Cuong Vermicelli Cooperative has received nearly VND200 million to invest in production machines

In early 2020, the Thanh Tinh Tea Cooperative in Dai Tu District received VND180 million from the local industry promotion capital to purchase an automated gas-fired tea dryer sheet, a tea dryer and a vacuum packaging machine.

According to Tran Van Tinh, director of the cooperative, thanks to the capital, the cooperative has applied modern machinery, improving the productivity and quality of tea products. Specifically, the use of the automated gas-fired tea dryer sheet to replace the rotational sheet with firewood removes the smoky taste, ensures food hygiene and safety, greener tea juice, and evenly curled tea leaf. Vacuum packaging helps keep tea fresh tasting for five or six months as opposed to one month with regular packing. The cooperative produces and sells about 2.5 tonnes of tea monthly at an average price of VND400-700 thousand per kg.

The Viet Cuong Vermicelli Cooperative in Dong Hy District is another beneficiary of local industry promotion support. With nearly VND200 million it invested in a centrifuge machine for squeezing flour, improving production capacity and profitability. According to cooperative director Nguyen Van Ba, the centrifuge machine shortens flour drying time and preserves the flour for longer periods.

According to the Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade, since 2016 the northeastern province has implemented more than 120 industry promotion projects at a total implementation cost of over VND21 billion. So far this year, more than 20 industry promotion support projects have been carried out at total implementation cost of more than VND3 billion.

According to Tran Anh Son, Head of the Industry and Energy Management Division under the Thai Nguyen Department of Industry and Trade, the industry promotion funding has encouraged rural industrial establishments to renovate technologies, enhance product quality, lower production costs and increase competitiveness, creating a brand for key local products such as tea, food, household furniture, construction materials, and garments.

Thai Nguyen Province has focused on developing industrial clusters in order to create additional production spaces for rural industrial facilities. The provincial industry promotion center is assigned to help the local department of industry and trade and people’s committees in developing investment plans and promoting rural infrastructure construction.

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