Thai Nguyen accelerates economic shift

10:09 | 03/11/2015 Society

(VEN) - Thai Nguyen was seen as the slowest developing province in Vietnam. However Thai Nguyen’s economy has gradually developed, especially since promoting the implementation of the new rural area construction program.

Thai Nguyen accelerates economic shift

Hoang Thi Nghien in Cuc Duong Commune, Vo Nhai District has been raising commodity-oriented buffaloes - Photo: baothainguyen

Dong Hy District’s Huong Thuong Commune has faced difficulties in terms of flooding. Per capita income in the commune reached a mere VND11 million a year in 2010. To make the most of advantages, local leaders have encouraged people to plant short-season vegetable and flower varieties in order to minimize damages. In addition, the commune has strengthened agricultural production in central areas and focused on growing high-quality rice and high-value vegetable varieties. Thanks to positive measures, production efficiency has been enhanced and local people’s living conditions have improved with per capita income of VND17 million a year, an increase of VND6 million compared to 2010.

Dong Hy District’s Hoa Binh Commune has shifted its crops from low-productivity rice to high-quality rice varieties and changed secondary crop growing by high-productivity tea. In addition, local leaders have encouraged people to apply mechanization into agricultural production and created favorable conditions for people to access preferential loans to purchase machinery and equipment. Hoa Binh Commune has gradually shifted the economic structure, contributing to raising people’s incomes to VND24.3 million a year.

Dai Tu District’s La Bang Commune has focused on deploying production development projects, changing the structure of crops, implementing technology transfer and growing tea as a key crop during the 2011-2015 period. The commune’s tea productivity currently reaches 115 quintal per ha, an increase of 16 quintal per ha compared to 2010 and the production value per ha increases from VND68 million to VND115 million, while people’s incomes stand at nearly VND34 million per person a year, a 2.4-fold increase compared to 2010.

Defining the new rural area construction program as a key task, Phu Binh District’s Dong Lien Commune has developed many socioeconomic programs, contributing to ensuring better living conditions for local people and transforming rural area. Per capita income in the commune is expected to stand at VND25 million a year by the end of this year, an increase of VND15.5 million compared to 2011.

The new rural area construction program has changed Dai Tu District’s My Yen Commune. Thanks to a consensus between all levels, the commune has promoted the construction of rural infrastructure and actively applied scientific and technological achievements into agricultural production, contributing to improving people’s living conditions.

The new rural area construction program in Thai Nguyen Province has contributed to spurring an economic shift in rural agriculture, reducing poverty, raising people’s incomes and ensuring better living conditions.


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