Thai Binh devises IC development measures

09:14 | 13/03/2018 Industry

(VEN) - The Thai Binh Department of Industry and Trade has adopted measures designed to facilitate the development of the province’s industrial clusters (ICs), which is being hindered by lack of infrastructure investment and inefficient land use.

thai binh devises ic development measures

Thai Binh Province has 50 ICs covering 2,578ha. Some 34 ICs have been approved for detailed planning after investment in infrastructure met the requirements of production development, especially waste treatment.

The ICs have attracted 211 projects with total registered capital of more than VND7.35 trillion. As many as 161 projects have gone into production, while 25 are in the implementation process. The rapid development of ICs has contributed significantly to the province’s industrial growth.

According to the Thai Binh Department of Industry and Trade, close management is one of the factors helping the province develop ICs. In 2005, the Thai Binh People’s Committee issued regulations on management of ICs, and continued to amend the regulations and clearly define the functions and tasks of units in districts and towns where ICs are located. The establishment of IC management boards has also played an important role in their development.

However the province has faced difficulties in further improving IC development. Specifically, some ICs have detailed planning but no infrastructure investors. In addition, the efficiency of land use in ICs is not high.

Thai Binh Province will consider and review IC development planning. Priority is being given to IC planning of large areas of 50-70ha and calls for investment in infrastructure development. In addition, the province will make greater efforts in ground clearance, and promote reforms of administrative procedures in order to create favorable conditions for investors.

The province will raise resources to develop IC infrastructure, which is considered an important solution to reduce the burden on the budget. In addition, the province will focus on implementing Decree 68/2017/ND-CP on IC management and development, performing inspection and examination, especially investment supervision, improving the efficiency of state management of the environment, regularly conducting environmental impact assessment reports in ICs and production establishments, and dealing strictly with violators.

The province will also organize quarterly meetings to address difficulties and obstacles for investors.

Raising funds to develop IC infrastructure is considered an important solution to reduce the burden on the budget.

Hai Linh