Thaco to export fuel tanks to Republic of Korea

16:12 | 06/07/2018 Society

Truong Hai Automobile Joint Stock Company (Thaco) has completed the procedures to export 30 fuel tanks of 3,000 liter capacity to JMK Co. Ltd of Republic of Korea.


The lot will be transferred by Thacovia APL N028 and will be shipped directly from Chu Lai port in Quang Nam Province to Busan port in Republic of Korea to be handed over to JMK.

JMK specialises in the production and distribution of specialised car components, fuel tank components and industrial machinery.

Since the beginning of 2018, Thaco has produced and handed over three shipments to JMK, comprising more than 200 barrels of 2.5 tonnes and a 3,000 liter fuel tank.

Under the cooperation plan of the two parties, in the third and fourth quarter of 2018, Thaco will continue to export 100 barrels of 2.5 tonnes and another 3,000 liter fuel tank to JMK, completing the year’s export plan.

To meet the technical standards as well as strict quality requirements of JMK, Thaco has actively researched, manufactured and applied modern technology to production lines in the factory.

Thaco also operates international maritime routes directly from the Chu Lai port to the Busan port and vice versa.

The Chu Lai port was built by Thaco in 2012. After four years of operation, Thaco launched and operated the international maritime Chu Lai-Kwangyang and Chu Lai-Incheon routes (in Republic of Korea).

The opening of a new direct freight service from the Chu Lai port to the Busan port, along with the expansion of the Chu Lai port, has contributed to enhancing the capacity of Thaco’s logistics services and promoting the development of the port into the regional logistics center of the key economic region, the Central Highlands.

Theo VNS