Thac Ba Hydropower Plant welcomes new spring

16:09 | 23/01/2014 Companies

(VEN) - Spring is coming and Thac Ba Hydropower Joint-Stock Company (TBHPC) is happy to see the 2013 annual targets were completed 30 days ahead of plan.

General Director of Thac Ba Hydropower Joint-Stock Company Nguyen Quang Thang spoke at the Yen Binh Secondary School ground breaking ceremony

At this point of time, TBHPC has finished its plans; however, the lake water level still maintains at 57.82m and all the power generator units are operating at high capacity. This signals a new promising business year with high efficiency.

The completion of the annual targets 30 days before the deadline resulted from TBHPC’s correct orientations, combined with collective efforts and improvement of equipment for better and reliable operation, meeting all power system regulating requirements.

Speaking about electricity business in 2013, TBHPC Chairman Nguyen Quang Thang said “The weather was more favorable for hydropower plants last year. Water levels in many lakes were high enough for higher power generation. Competitive electricity market is also one of TBHPC’s focuses.”

Along with the completion of planned electricity production, TBHPC is promoting the implementation of strategies to expand production such as launching researches and making investment in small and medium hydropower projects; improving capacity of the technical services center; seeking markets; creating more jobs; enhancing management of occupational health and safety, fire prevention, and environmental protection.

Last year, TBHPC did not register any incidents and accidents; fully implemented the labor policies; and ensured steady incomes for workers.

TBHPC was also actively involved in social work. For example, the company funded one billion dong for the construction of the Yen Binh Secondary School in Yen Binh District, Yen Bai Province. The construction began in August 2013 and is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2014.

“TBHPC appreciated contributions of ethnic minorities in Yen Binh District and committed to implement the 2010-2015 Party Committee Resolution to further promote social welfare work locally. Over the years, the company has implemented effective social activities including taking care of three martyr’s mothers, housing the poor, and making donations for charity funds,” Nguyen Quang Thang said.

Over the years, TBHPC is also the focal point for maintaining regular coordination implementing tasks of occupational health and safety and fire protection. It detected and treated cases of violation of the lake area encroachment in the 2012-2013 period. In particular, the company successfully co-organized the Thac Ba Reverberation festival.

TBHPC registered many achievements in 2013, and this year, the company will continue to focus on high efficiency business activities, safe power generation, reservoir reasonable management on the basis of promoting effectively available resources, effective flood prevention, and downstream water discharge at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

 One of Thac Ba Hydropower Joint-Stock Company’s social welfare works

More than 140 employees in the company will strive to successfully implement the business plan for 2014, resolution set out at the annual general meeting of shareholders in 2014, and social work so as to deserve a Vietnam Electricity Group’s spearhead company./.        

Dang Hien