Tetra Pak expands School Recycling to more than 600 kindergartens and primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City

09:50 | 29/11/2019 Society

Today, Tetra Pak in collaboration with its partners announces the expansion of School Recycling program to benefit more than 600 kindergartens and primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City. This very expansion follows a piloting program that Tetra Pak and its partners have deployed successfully for 30 kindergartens in the school year of 2018 – 2019.

Within the framework of the workshop on “School Recycling Review for First Phase and Implementation Plan for Second Phase” organized in Ho Chi Minh City on the same day, more than 500 representatives from Department of Education, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, schools and related agencies participated to hear the report on the piloting program. Notably, all of participating kindergartens achieve positive results in terms of training, guiding and checking the categorizing of used carton packages, thereby improve the quality of used carton to meet recycling requirements.

Participating the program, schoolchildren are instructed the simple steps of unfolding four corners of used cartons, flattening, sticking covers to carton openings and placing them into dustbins for collection. The used carton packages are then collected periodically every two weeks by NHC and transported to Dong Tien Paper factory to be materials for the production of such useful products as notebooks, bio-roof panels, etc.

“The most concrete result of the pilot program lies in schoolchildren’s improved awareness of the necessity to categorize, collect and recycle used cartons, thereby inspiring them, their teachers and their parents as well to be actively engaged in the categorizing, collecting and recycling of used cartons,” said Mr. Jeffrey Fielkow, Managing Director, Tetra Pak Vietnam.

“Though carton packages are a minor part of solid waste in Vietnam, Tetra Pak in collaboration with our partners is committed to drive carton package recycling in the country to promote a low carbon, circular economy in Vietnam.” further highlighted Mr. Jeffrey Fielkow, Managing Director, Tetra Pak Vietnam.

Tetra Pak has implemented a diversity of sustainability initiatives to fulfil such a vision. In particular, the Company is actively engaged with community organizations to establish and expand the chain of public drop-off stations so that consumers can bring their used cartons for collecting and recycling. Tetra Pak currently holds a network of nearly 30 drop-off stations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Under its collaboration with LOTTE Mart and NHC, Tetra Pak is launching four Carton Houses in LOTTE Marts in Nam Saigon, Phu Tho, Tan Binh and Go Vap as destinations for consumers to bring their used cartons for collecting and recycling. The carton houses are made from recycled materials of used cartons that is environment-friendly and functions as a place to instruct consumers how to collect used cartons for recycling into useful household products.

Previously, in June 2019, Company aligned with other eight leading food & beverage and packaging businesses to establish Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam (PRO) to promote the food and beverage package collecting and recycling in Vietnam

As a recognition for Tetra Pak’s remarkable efforts, European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development under Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry honored Tetra Pak as Vietnam’s sustainability pioneering business in 2019.