Technology in the service of mechanical engineering

15:27 | 17/08/2017 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Thanks to tecnological application in production, some products in Vietnam’s mechanical and engineering industry, such as ship building equipment, electrical equipment and mechanical parts have gained a market share in the domestic and international market.

technology in the service of mechanical engineering
The Vietnamese mechanical and engineering industry is catching up with foreign companies

According to the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI), over the past decade, the revenues of the mechanical industry have grown 20 percent. The growth is due largely to the successful production of a number of high-tech mechanical equipment for factories and oil drilling rigs.

In 2016, the nation’s top prize on science and technology, the Ho Chi Minh Prize, was awarded to a project that developed, designed, produced and assembled a self-lifting drilling rig at a depth of 90m. The Tam Dao 03 and Tam Dao 05 rigs are a milestone in Vietnam’s mechanical engineering industry, which has gone from producing in accordance with foreign designs, to developing the capacity to design and produce by itself. This achievement is regarded as proof that Vietnam’s human resources have caught up with those of foreign countries.

However, at a seminar on new equipment and technology in mechanical production held by VAMI, association officials said that despite encouraging achievements, Vietnam’s mechanical products still have low added value and weaknesses.

VAMI Chairman Nguyen Van Thu said that to overcome difficulties and intensify Vietnam’s mechanical and engineering capability, cooperation among domestic mechanical businesses must be boosted to avoid dupblicated investment and waste.

Duong Van Hong, general director of the Construction Mechanics Corporation (COMA), said that in recent years, the corporation has paid special attention to new technologies, especially in steel structure and off-grade accessory production. COMA has focused on new welding technology, such as Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) and Metal Inert Gas (MIG). It has also purchased state of the art equipment, such as Computer Numeric Control Cutters (CNC), built space frame bearings production factories and bought modern welding machines - all aimed at manufacturing new products with high quality and accuracy.

Apart from investing in equipment and technology, mechanical businesses are aware of the need to cooperate with strong domestic or foreign companies in designing and producing products.

VAMI has worked with its member companies, such as VinaLift, Lilama, Lisemco, the Pho Yen Mechanical Company, the Dong Anh Mechancial Company and the Tractor and Agricultural Machine Company to obtain updated production information and assist businesses to stablize production and create jobs.

Thanh Tam