Technology application in medicine prioritised

16:10 | 12/10/2015 Science - Technology

The Ministry of Science and Technology will continue prioritising the national-level key science and technology programme coded KC10/11-15 on the application and development of advanced technology serving health care activities, pledged Minister Nguyen Quan.

Technology application in medicine prioritised

Manufacturing vaccine at Polyvac factory. Illustrative image (Source: VNA)

The programme has been the most successful of its kind so far, having provided 10 out of 11 types of vaccines used in the expanded national immunisation programme, Quan said at a national conference in Hanoi on September 29.

Together with mastering molecular biotechnologies in defining disease-causing substances, the programme has also helped raise a number of Vietnam’s preventive medicine and vaccine manufacturing technologies to regional standards, he said.

Professor Dr. Pham Gia Khanh, the programme’s Chairman, said one of the highlights of the programme is applying world advanced biotechnology in medicine in Vietnam , yielding numerous outcomes.

Many new, highly efficient products and modern health care services have been introduced, improving community health, he added.

At the same time, Deputy Minister of Health Professor Dr. Le Quang Cuong said that the KC10 programme should focus on strengthening the application of world advanced biotechnology in the development of crucial and generation vaccine manufacturing technology, as well as the production of materials for Vietnam’s pharmaceutical sector moving forward.

The Health Ministry pledges to continue supporting the programme for the growth of biotechnology serving the medical sector in the future, he stated./.

Source: VNA