Technical innovations benefit VADFCO

10:15 | 09/11/2017 Companies

(VEN) - Continually applying technical initiatives and innovations to production, the Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VADFCO) has gained a lot of significant benefits.

technical innovations benefit vadfco

High efficiency

As a leading, prestigious producer and supplier of chemical fertilizers, VADFCO has invested in scientific and technological research and application while promoting production with technical innovations to reach sustainable development.

The company has so far had seven patents and successfully applied scientific and technological solutions, including the technology of producing “made in Vietnam” fused phosphate fertilizers using domestic anthracite coal instead of coke. The company also studied to improve the blast furnace technology for making fused phosphate fertilizers in compliance with properly using domestic anthracite coal to increase productivity, make use of thermoelectric waste heat, increase furnace productivity, reduce coal and electricity consumption, and eliminate solid and liquid wastes. This is an advanced technology compared to similar technologies in other countries in the region, including Japan and China.

VADFCO has been working hard to improve the quality of its fused phosphate fertilizers in order to meet domestic market and export demands. The company has produced fused fertilizers with a 17, 18 and 19-percent P205 concentration, and studied scientific and technological solutions for treating and reusing all solid wastes and wastewater, meeting environmental and hygienic standards. The solution of reusing solid wastes completely eliminates solid wastes. The company has built industrial and civil wastewater treatment systems to eliminate all industrial and civil wastewater and utilize rainwater. VADFCO is applying the latest inventions to production in Van Dien and at its new plant project to minimize environmental pollution and energy consumption.

VADFCO has researched and applied scientific and technological solutions to create environmentally friendly fertilizers, specifically designed for individual plants and plant growing stages, which are good for soil protection and cost reduction, to satisfy both domestic market and export demands.

From 2010-2016, the company poured more than VND33 billion into the procurement and improvement of equipment to continuously better working conditions for employees, improve the environment, and increase productivity and product quality. During the same period, the company applied 80 innovations and initiatives to improve production, contributing to bettering working conditions for employees, reducing labor, and protecting the environment. The total funding that the company saved in this regard totaled about VND31.2 billion.

The application of some prominent initiatives brought significant economic and environmental benefits. For instance, in 2014, the company basically accomplished the application of the wastewater circulation initiative and reached related targets. With this initiative, all of industrial wastewater is circulated to decrease electricity cost and protect underground water resources, and make use of the floating products in water and emissions. This solution helped VADFCO save VND7-10 billion per year while creating the precondition for the company to develop on a stable basis, and improve its position and prestige in environmental protection and the community’s protection.

Most recently, the company’s initiative of self-fabrication of cement storage silos and automation of cement supply for presses was applied to production from June 3 to December 31, 2016 to improve working conditions for workers, increase product quality and reduce production cost. The initiative has helped the company save VND594.2 million in 2016.

Reaching new heights

VADFCO’s initiatives and innovations not only help the company improve product quality and expand its domestic market but also integrate deeper into foreign markets of Japan, Australia, the Republic of Korea (RoK), Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Company products have attracted customers thanks to their high quality, environmental friendliness and suitability to specific plant growth periods, and positive impacts on soil and cost reduction. VADFCO will have opportunities to increase exports when its expansion project comes into operation in the coming time.

To maximize the efficiency of technical innovations, the company will coordinate with its trade union and other organizations to encourage organizations and individuals to have initiatives, and timely commend and reward individuals and groups of people with outstanding achievements in scientific and technological research and creation of innovative ideas and technical innovations. VADFCO will pay attention to comprehensively improving workers’ living standards, and bettering working conditions for its employees while continually investing in scientific and technological research and renovation to further improve working conditions for staff members, improve machinery and equipment productivity, reduce costs, protect the environment and improve product quality. The company will continue applying the seven patents, scientific and technical solutions, and production improvement initiatives. Some of the initiatives were successfully applied in Van Dien, while some others, which couldn’t be applied there due to limited workspaces, will be applied in the company’s investment project in Thanh Hoa Province’s Bim Son Town.

Ngoc Anh