Techcombank granted two prestigious international awards

09:28 | 06/07/2015 Companies

The Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank, one of leading commercial banks in the country, has just received two prestigious international awards, Best Retail Bank in Vietnam and Best Corporate Bank in Vietnam in 2015, by the Global Banking & Finance Review- a leading financial and banking magazine in the UK.

Techcombank granted two prestigious international awards

This is the tenth time the bank (Techcombank) was recognised in these two important award categories from prestigious international organisations. 

In its award announcement, the Global Banking & Finance Review emphasised Techcombank’s success in launching new products and hi-tech applications to meet customers’ persified needs as well as its high standards of customer services.

As for corporate banking, Techcombank was recognised for deployment of product packages earmarked for specific industries and particular customer segments.

“The good news about these two important awards came to us when we are going to celebrate our 22nd anniversary this September,” said CEO Murat Yuldashev.

“This success is a proof of Techcombank’s efforts to provide most suitable financial solutions to meet customers’ demands, both inpiduals and corporate”, he added.

Since its debut 22 years ago, the bank has been ceaselessly investing in network expansion, modernisation of the banking system, development of alternative transaction channels, improvement and persification of products and services.

The bank’s perse new user-friendly products, such as F@st Mobile, money transfer service through social network, money transfer to a mobile subscriber, money withdrawal at ATMs without ATM cards, are highly appreciated by the Global Banking & Finance Review’s Assessment Council which said, “Vietnam, like almost all other countries in the Southeast Asia, has young population and is very savvy in online and mobile services. Techcombank has been doing a smart job with accessing those customers with services like money transfer through social network.”

On the corporate banking front, with the goal “going side by side with businesses through providing outstanding financial solutions”, Techcombank differentiates itself from other market players with a slew of specialised products tailor-made to specific industries, business lines, and particular customer segments.

Recently, the bank has launched a wide range of product packages for specific industries such as paper, rubber, oil and gas./.

Source: Vietnam Investment Review