TCS Continuous improvement to increase quality

09:38 | 26/04/2015 Companies

(VEN) - Since the 1990s, the demand for international freight transportation has rapidly increased in Vietnam. Especially, in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), the airfreight transportation has been playing an important role in the development of the city’s economy. To cater to the potential development of the industry, on December 15, 1994, Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines) set up a joint-venture with Singapore’s leading company in ground-handling services – SATS and the Southern Airports Services Join Stock Company (SASCO) to establish Tan Son Nhat Cargo Services Company Limited (TCS).

TCS Continuous improvement to increase quality

Air Freight Terminal 2 (AFT2)

On January 1, 1997, TCS inaugurated the very first Air Freight Terminal 1 (AFT1) and officially launched professional international air cargo handling services to its customers. TCS is now providing cargo handling services to 36 international airlines and hundreds of forwarding agents in Ho Chi Minh City.

Realizing the needs for constant improvements in terms of facilities, TCS has continuously researched to offer value-added services to customers. In order to do so, TCS has put into operation numerous large-scale construction projects, the in-house Customs Center and the Air Freight Terminal 2 (AFT2), ULD X-Ray machine are a few of them.

To keep up with the intense growth of the market, in October 2014, TCS introduced to its forwarding agents customers the Extended Export Acceptance Warehouse, which covers over 9,600 sqm in total area, offering over 3,400 sqm of warehouse space for lease. This project does not only expand TCS’ acceptance area but also offers customers secured and private warehousing right at the cargo terminal and lodge in BUPs to help them save costs and therefore maximize profits.

As an internal air cargo terminal operator whose customers are international airlines and forwarding agents, TCS is committed to operate according to world-renowned quality standards. Since 2011, TCS has successfully implemented ISAGO - IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and ISO 9001:2008 certified by QMS. In terms of technology development, after years of research, design and trials, in 2014, TCS successfully applied the new cargo management system (COSYS) for all flights . COSYS was designed to enhance security, speed, stability and efficiency in cargo handling.

Aside from being customer-oriented, TCS thrives to embrace profound corporate culture that motivates and inspires all employees. TCS has attracted a great pool of quality employees who have been working tirelessly to contribute to the company’s development.

After 20 years of establishment and innovation, TCS has become the widely recognized and trusted brand of service quality for all customers. TCS hopes to continue growing and contributing to the development air transportation of its home city Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam in general.        

By Thu Vien