Tay Ninh automates rural industrial production

09:11 | 15/05/2019 Industry

(VEN) - The Industry Promotion Center of the southeastern province of Tay Ninh has helped rural industrial establishments automate production and protect the environment by applying advanced equipment and technology.

tay ninh automates rural industrial production

Using advanced machinery and equipment helps improve production efficiency

With capital from a 2018 national industry promotion program, the Industry Promotion Center of Tay Ninh Province helped the Bay Thom household business buy rice paper dryers that run on solar electricity, or power or wood. The new equipment has helped Bay Thom increase revenues by 10 percent, reduce cost and employment, improve production processes, shorten product drying time and reach stable product quality. Notably, the establishment’s rice paper production is no longer affected by adverse weather conditions.

Last year, the center also helped the Hoang Phat Nghia Technology and Food Co., Ltd apply advanced digital cutters in dryer production. The new equipment has helped the company increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce production costs.

Bay Thom and Hoang Phat Nghia are among almost 10 rural industrial establishments assisted by the center in 2018. According to the Tay Ninh Province Department of Industry and Trade, from 2014 to 2018, the center assisted the implementation of 32 projects for application of advanced technology and equipment to production at a total cost of more than VND5.1 billion.

The department said the projects helped beneficiaries improve production efficiency on a sustainable basis. However, most rural industrial production establishments are small and super small in size and have limited knowledge of technology renovation. Many do not meet conditions to benefit from industry promotion projects.

The center plans to study rural industrial producers’ actual development demands to help them develop and automate production. In addition, the center will shift from supporting small programs and projects and focus instead on projects that promote connectivity between industries in the province, giving priority to assisting businesses to apply advanced technology, treat wastewater, address the environmental pollution problem, and promote cleaner production.

The Industry Promotion Center of Tay Ninh Province has submitted to the Agency for Industrial Promotion for

approval a 2019 National Industry Promotion Plan that consists of five projects for application of advanced machinery

and equipment to production at a total cost of VND1.5 billion.

Hai Linh